Why Beauty Nostalgia Is SO “In” RN!


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From re-watching your fave TV shows and movies to spritzing that perfume from way back when, you might have noticed you’re really digging the nostalgia stuff right now. It’s human nature to feel a sense of fondness toward familiar things anyway, but many are finding themselves particularly drawn to the “good old days” more than usual.

“Nostalgia is an important aspect of who we are. It allows us to travel back in time to people, places, and events that made us happy and fulfilled,” says Dr. Rex Jung, a neuropsychologist at the University of New Mexico. “We now know that the experience of nostalgia … represents an adaptive response to stressful events. When the world challenges us with loss, disappointment, and anxiety – all heightened by a global pandemic – the draw of nostalgia is particularly keen.”

Think of wrapping yourself in the same episode of Fresh Prince over and over again – or splurging on that new retro makeup collaboration or lighting that familiar candle scent – as a security blanket of sorts. But here’s the thing. Dr. Jung says nostalgia isn’t just an escape. It keeps us optimistic and hopeful.

“Nostalgia is a refuge and an inspiration towards becoming our better selves,” he says. “In psychology, it’s now recognized as a central aspect of mental resilience, motivation, and even the experience of peak emotions including awe and joy.”

Want to dive in on some old-timey stuff and feel all the warm fuzzies? Check out these nostalgic beauty finds or better yet, go put on Legally Blonde or Pretty Woman!

5 Nostalgic Beauty Goods That Are So Fetch!

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Fragrance

Scent is one of the most powerful ways we can evoke memories. A single whiff of Victoria’s Secret Love Spell just might bring you back. Try the Love Spell Body Mist, $18, or the Love Spell Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion, $18.

Candy Land x Colourpop Collaboration

There’s a solid chance you’ve played Candy Land at least once or twice. Colourpop launched an entire makeup collection inspired by the color-infused board and it’s cute af. Shop the collection here.

Britney Spears Curious EDP Perfume

Curious was Britney’s first foray into the world of fragrance (she now has 22) and tbh, one of the first celebrity fragrances from a pop star we got. Packaged in that familiar jewel-toned vessel, it’s a mix of nostalgia-inducing musk, magnolia, and jasmine. You can still buy Curious by Britney Spears EDP, $23.90, today.

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Eyeshadow

Known for its grungy vibe and grassroots start, Urban Decay products have been gracing our faces since the mid-90s. Midnight Cowboy – a pale pinkish-beige hue with silver micro glitter –was one of the brand’s original and most iconic eyeshadow shades. It was highly coveted ~20 years ago and is still touted as a “must own” today (in fact, it’s often sold out). Today the brand’s known for its palettes, but back then it was all about the single pots. Buy Midnight Cowboy on UrbanDecay.com, $20.

Friends x Revolution Collaboration

Launched late in 2020, the Makeup Revolution x Friends collection is one of the biggest collaborations the brand has done yet. It’s got palettes and lip glosses inspired by each cast member, a retro mirror, and nostalgic references to TV episodes and inside jokes. Shop the collection at Makeup Revolution.

Do you have a favorite nostalgic beauty item you still use to this day? We want to know what it is! And what TV show or movie could you never get bored of re-watching?