5 “Inside-Out” Beauty Resolutions That'll Make You Happier In 2022 


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As the time-old saying goes, “beauty comes from within.” While we talk a lot about makeup and skincare here (and it’s all great fun!), it’s also good to be reminded to nurture ourselves from the inside out, too. As you ponder your New Year resolutions for 2022, think about soul-nourishing goals you can set that make all the difference in how you love yourself and those around you. It doesn’t have to be anything grand — sometimes the simplest commitments can have the biggest impact. Here are a few “inside out” beauty resolutions to get you started.

1. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

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Whether you’re being overly critical of your body while standing in front of the mirror or are beating yourself up over a mistake made at work, negative self-talk does us no good. In fact, it only beats us down. The reality is that we’re often much harsher on ourselves than we’d be toward anyone else. So, if you wouldn’t think it or say it out loud to someone else — and you probably wouldn’t — don’t say it to yourself.

The Goal: This year, commit to eliminating negative self-talk and sharp judgments against yourself. Instead, award yourself the same grace, kindness, and love you’d give to others. If you do find yourself going down the path of unnecessary meanness toward yourself, exit the spiral and try to look at yourself with gentler eyes. 

2. Practice Daily Gratitude 

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Saying thanks and acknowledging your joys seems like such a small thing but doing so pays off in spades. In fact, there’s scientific proof that says expressing thanks is a boon to mental wellbeing and overall happiness.

For instance, an interesting study at the University of California had one group of participants write down the things they were grateful for during the week while a second group wrote down their irritations. After 10 weeks, the first group felt more optimistic about their lives, and they even had fewer health issues. Other studies have found that practicing gratitude makes people happier in their relationships and friendships. 

The Goal: Cultivate more gratitude in 2022 by consistently expressing what you’re thankful for. Maybe it’s a log you keep in your Notes app or a Google doc, or perhaps it’s a designated journal you write in every morning or evening. Maybe the practice is daily, weekly, or monthly, with little reminders in your phone to spend two minutes jotting down your joys. Make it extra special with a beautiful, personalized notebook, like the ones from Plum Paper.

3. Compliment Others More 

It feels so good to receive compliments. Remember how great you felt after someone told you that your hair looked amazing, or that they loved your outfit? Or maybe you were bursting when someone expressed how well you did on a recent work assignment or a personal project. You hold onto those words because they bring you joy and give you confidence. Turn that around and dole out some words of affirmation of your own! Complimenting others is basically like a superpower that can help turn their day around and set them on a path of happiness for the day, week, or even longer. 

The Goal: In 2022, be more deliberate when it comes to giving others compliments. That might look like creating a daily or weekly “quota,” and striving to meet it. This will probably feel strange at first, especially if you’re not used to complimenting others. However, the more you practice, the more naturally it will come, and you’ll begin doing it without a second thought! Just be sure to make those compliments genuine and heartfelt.

4. Be More Mindful of Your Purchases

Exploring the newest launches and skincare goodies is fun. It’s also way too easy to over-indulge. The result is a bathroom full of stuff that gets half used (if even) before we move on to the next thing. While this isn’t inherently “bad,” being more thoughtful about purchases is a healthy move for more reasons than one. Not only do we save money, but we contribute to less waste and better appreciate the items we do own. 

The Goal: In early 2022, go through your existing beauty collection and make note of your possessions. What do you have a surplus of? Do you tend to buy duplicates of similar items? (Ahem: raise your hand if you have more than a handful of neutral-toned eyeshadow palettes or hand creams!) Which items do you buy and never use? Which products do you love buying and consistently empty out? Simply observing your habits can help you make better buying decisions in the future. Also, having more control will help you feel more confident in the items you do purchase. 

5. Pay More Attention to Your Feelings 

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Talking about “feelings” might seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but paying attention to our emotions allows us to better understand them, course-correct when necessary, and find a greater sense of happiness and inner peace. For example, if you find yourself consistently frustrated, it’s important to take a pause and try to understand what’s triggering that emotion. Maybe you’re feeling burdened by commitments, or perhaps it’s a signal to broaden your perspective.

The Goal: Give credence to your emotions. They’re 100% valid, and they often represent something deeper going on within yourself. Whether you’re sad, angry, joyous, or melancholy, take note of your emotions and determine why you’re feeling that way. Then, determine what you can do to either curb or maintain those feelings. Simply being more aware of what’s happening internally can make a world of difference! h

What resolutions have you set for yourself in 2022? Let’s discuss!