Amazon's Fave K-Beauty SPFs That Sell Faster Than Beyoncé Tickets


When it comes to sunscreens, no other region makes SPFs as good as South Korea. Even your fave Western dermatologists attest that no other sunblocks match the innovation of K-Beauty formulations. Because sunscreen is a non-negotiable step in K-Beauty skincare routines, you’ll find that pretty much all Korean SPF blends merge sun protection with skin-loving ingredients too. In addition, the variety offered is NEXT LEVEL – from lotions, gels, mists, and sticks, there’s a sunscreen for every skin type and dilemma.

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If you’re looking to switch up your daily SPF, look no further than your nearest K-beauty aisle. These babies tick all the right boxes from their weightless texture, transparent finish, and dew-boosting perks. Here are eight Amazon-loved formulas that sell out as fast as Beyoncé tickets.

Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk, $17

Source: Missha

Amazon rating: 4.5/5

What’s to love: This gorgeous sunscreen leaves skin feeling nourished and radiant thanks to six essence complexes and natural plant extracts that help soften and clarify your complexion. You also don’t have to worry about sweat coming between your protection, as this formula consists of a double-layer UV-blocking system to withstand sweat, water, and humidity.

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream, $23

Source: Thank You Farmer

Amazon rating: 4.5/5

What’s to love: This moisturizer and sunscreen hybrid features chemical and mineral blockers. On top of its supreme level of sun protection, it’ll also strengthen your skin barrier by delivering a good dose of proteins and vitamins A and E to elevate moisture retention and keep your skin barrier function intact. Other notable ingredients include African walnut oil, Inca omega oil, and bamboo and aloe leaf extracts to hydrate and soothe your skin.

COSRx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, $15

Source: COSRX

Amazon rating: 4.6/5

What’s to love: Formulated with aloe leaf extract, this is the perfect summertime SPF as it’s both lightweight and soothing. It’s fast-absorbing and extremely hydrating with zero tackiness or a greasy feel, making it a great choice for dry and oily complexions.

The Pure Lotus Botanical Sun Cream, $37

Source: Pure Jeju Island

Amazon rating: 5/5

What’s to love: On the list of cult-fave SPFs, you’ll always find this gem sitting high and mighty as a much-loved top pick. This is a lightweight, white-cast-free formula that literally melts into the skin. Expect ample moisture with a smooth and velvety finish that sits perfectly underneath makeup. Its Jeju Botanical Complex contains several botanicals native to Jeju Island, like lotus leaf, aloe vera leaf, green tea, tangerine peel, and lotus root for an adequate dose of antioxidants.

Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen SPF 50, $32


Amazon rating: 4.8/5

What’s to love: This is an Amazon best-seller with a near-perfect 5-star rating. It’s an essence sunscreen, meaning refreshing hydration and an unmatched airy feel. To our oily and breakout-prone beauties, this gem consists of 20 plant extracts such as damask rose, aloe vera, avocado fruit, and baobab to calm, moisturize and keep sebum levels in check. It also contains porous powder to absorb grease and lingering shine.

Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen, $15

Source: Innisfree

Amazon rating: 4.6/5

What’s to love: This universal water-based SPF hydrates and soothes like a cool glass of water. Its star ingredients include Jeju green tea for a mega hydration boost, Centella Asiatica extract (aka cica) to calm stressed skin and reduce irritation, and sunflower seed oil for an additional hit of moisture and glowy dewiness.

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