Drugstore Product Of The Week: The Best Blackhead-Busting Pore Strips


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Is there anything more satisfying than pulling off a pore strip to see tiny little specks of sebum, dirt, and grime covering the surface? We think not… except perhaps expecting your shiny clean pores post pore strip! Equally, there’s nothing more dissatisfying than having let a pore strip crust on your nose, painfully ripping it off, only to see that you caused all that pain, with basically no speckled strip reward.

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As you can tell, we take pore strips seriously at HB HQ! Which is why when we found one that did the job better than any other we’ve ever tried, we had to share it with you – hopefully, they’re on high on your priorities list too!

Okay, enough teasing, we know you’re dying to know. The pore strips we’re obsessed with are from J-Beauty brand Miniso and cost $4 – they’re like the archnemesis of your blackheads.

miniso pore strips

We tried all three of the pore strips we could find at Miniso, and honestly, we were beyond satisfied with the gross amount of blackheads we managed to suck out. We have to admit, they smelled very strongly of glue, which was a little worrying, but we didn’t notice any reaction or redness beyond the usual we have experienced with other nose trips. However, if you do have very sensitive skin, we wouldn’t recommend you use pore strips at all. The Tea Tree Oil-control Cleansing Nose Pore Strips, $3, were less harsh on the nose, but still very effective. We also recommend not using pore strips more often than once a week, although once every two weeks should be enough if you’re cleansing and exfoliating regularly.

blackhead buster mask

We’re also HUGE fans of the Vena Beauty Blackhead Mask, $11 (the one Alya has been trying) and it also does an amazing job of extracting blackheads. The formula also contains ingredients to nourish the skin and bamboo activated charcoal powder to detox the skin.

We’ve actually found a ton of amazing beauty products in Miniso, including an insane dupe for the Clarisonic cleansing brush that only costs $20, and amazing steaming eye masks that cost $5 – check them out here.

Do you guys have a weird obsession with nose strips and love the satisfaction of inspecting them too? Please let us know we’re not the only weird ones, in the comments below!