We're OBSESSED With These Insanely Cheap J-Beauty Products


miniso beauty products

Japanese Beauty and K-Beauty has made it big these last few years, and it’s really easy to see why! Typically, their products are inexpensive (they cost less to manufacture), they use great ingredients, and they nearly always look super cute – what’s not to love? So, when we discovered a whole collection of insanely affordable J-Beauty products at Miniso, we had to try them out – literally, everything was less than $20, and we have to say; we were kinda impressed! We found some striking similarities between other well-known products on the market, and we were pleasantly surprised with how these compared! Here’s what we tried, what we loved, and what we’re definitely going to be getting again:

The Cleansing Brush, $20

miniso cleansing brush

If you’ve heard the hype about cleansing brushes but you’ve never been able to invest due to the hefty price tag (Clarisonic Face Brushes start at $99 – above left), then now is the time to try one. Miniso’s Deep Clean Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush, $20, (above right) does a really good job – you almost wouldn’t know the difference.

If you’re not familiar with the cleansing brush hype, they’re designed to give a thorough deep clean with pulsating and rotating bristles that clean deep into pores. We noticed that it helps to remove makeup more effectively, and it also makes your skin incredibly soft, as it basically exfoliates at the same time. With everyday use, the continual deep cleansing of the bristles helps to keep blackheads and pore congestion at bay – although if you have sensitive skin, we suggest using it only three or four times weekly.

Steam Eye Masks, $5

heating eye mask

This is totally new to us, but these J-Beauty treats have been around for a while, and we’re sad we’ve only just discovered them. Steaming sounds a bit scary; these warming eye masks heat up to around 40 degrees, and while we know it seems weird, as normally it’s cooling that works a treat around the eyes, trust us, these are awesome. The 15-minute heating eye masks are designed to improve blood circulation, relieve eyestrain, moisten eyes (especially great if you get dry eyes or during the winter) and dissolve away the day’s stress. So, instead of using these to prep before makeup or to help soothe puffy eyes, heating eye masks are basically the best way to wind down, relax your eyes, soul, and mind – honestly, these are powerful. You don’t realize how much tension your eyes undergo staring at a computer or your phone all day, but a heating eye mask melts everything away.

After completing our nighttime skin routine, we tucked ourselves into bed, popped on a heating mask, and not only did it feel amazing (it even helped with a headache) we passed out before it had even cooled. It’s completely fuss-free too – all you have to do is take the eye mask out of the packet and pop it on – it’s one-time use, so you can just chuck it when you’re done.

The Eyelashes, $4

miniso eyelashes

We tried Miniso’s Eyelashes Luscious lashes that give a ‘lightweight, Barbie Look-alike look” but the lashes were so tiny that they hardly did anything for us – you could barely even notice a difference. If you have short or few lashes, these are great if you always struggle to find lashes that are small enough, but if you want drama, then definitely check out the other lashes that Miniso offer. With some styles, you can even get up to eight pairs of lashes for just $4. Check out the full lash collection here.

The Nose Strips, $4

miniso nose strips

There’s nothing more annoying than blackheads, and if you want vengeance on yours, these Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, $4, have your back. These are some of the most effective and satisfying nose strips we’ve tried – we saw so many blackheads on the strip – but we have to say, they smelled very strongly of glue and we wouldn’t recommend them for sensitive skin. We also tried the Tea Tree Oil-control Cleansing Nose Pore Strips, $3, and found these less harsh, but still very effective.

The Brush Dupes, $9

miniso brushes

If you’re starting out in makeup, buying everything at once can be really expensive, but we actually discovered some pretty great makeup brushes at Miniso. We’ll be real, they’re not amazing quality, but the unicorn-style brushes look super cute and worked really well – they picked up product and distributed like any other powder brush. Then there’s the 3-Piece Brush Set (above), which is very similar to the Real Techniques brush designs that we’re obsessed with. However, the version from Miniso (on the left) is even cheaper – just $9 – although we will say that the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Set, $20, feels softer and felt much nicer applying the product.

Have you guys ever been to Miniso or tried any of their beauty products? Let us know in the comments.