The Best Brow Products For Barely There to Fully Feathered Brows


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As the saying goes, “brows frame the entire face,” but if yours could use a little support before they’re 100% photo-ready, we’ve got your back. Whether you have thin wispy hairs, thick, grow every which way arches, or you’re somewhere in the middle, there are certain products to use that are better than others. We polled a few of the top brow groomers and arch experts in the biz, to get their picks for best-in-class miracle workers. You’re welcome.

The Best Brow Products For Super Thin Brows

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According to Tamara Palumbo, renowned eyebrow artist and founder of FringeBrow in Bedford Hills, NY, castor oil is a natural ingredient for promoting healthy hair growth. She also advises checking any products that promise hair growth (or thicker hair) for biotin, as that’s another proven growth ingredient. Her go-to weapon for a strategic brow tint and great shaping when you have super thin eyebrows is RevitaLash RevitaBrow ADVANCED Eyebrow Conditioner, $58. “This will grow in eyebrows at twice the speed with amazing results,” she says.

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For a more instant result, try Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa makeup artist Taymour Hallal’s trick for fluffy brows and reach for Clé de Peau Beauté Eyebrow Pencil Cartridges, $25-35. “Because of their slant design, one is literally able to create the illusion of more hairs and thicker brows with short, feathered strokes,” she explains. “Plus they come in four shades from taupe to black.”

The Best Brow Products For Light Brows

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While it’s a given that pale blonde and really light brows can benefit from tinting, making them darker and seemingly fuller, it’s a temporary solution. One that really only lasts two to three weeks, so not exactly the most economical of options.

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Luckily celebrity eyebrow specialist Joey Healy developed a tinted gel that’s the answer to your brow prayers in between tints, or you know, whenever the need for #browsonfleek arises. “My Joey Healy Brow Lacquer, $28, in shades fawn and honey are soft blonde colors that coat the individual hairs and help to style them,” he says. “All you do is lightly sweep them through the brows and you’re good to go. Fast, easy, waterproof!”

The Best Brow Products For Thick, Coarse Brows

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There’s a reason Glossier Boy Brow, $16, has developed such a cult following on the ‘gram and Michelle Wu, master therapist at Evertrue Microblading, can attest to its brow transforming power. “It’s a game-changer for thicker brows, effectively taming unruly arches at the same time,” she says. “A light touch goes a long way to create order and direction.”

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We’re also loving the Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel, $24, which tames and shapes brows in seconds. It’s also super easy for faking that laminated brow look, with it’s strong-hold, taming powers.

The Best Brow Products For Microbladed, Tinted, and Laminated Brows

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While microbladed and laminated brows are engineered so they really don’t need any additional products or grooming, sometimes you just want more in the brow department. In that case, Wu recommends a brow powder to create a “dressed-up” look for bladed brows. “Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo, $23, comes in so many different shades, but just be sure to follow the existing microbladed shape,” she advises. “For tinted brows, Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt Eyebrow Enhancer, $7, can deepen the existing tint without changing the color.”

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As for laminated arches that feel dry, conditioning serums are a great option, according to celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes in New York City, Clementina Richardson. “Our Envious Lashes Luxuriating Lash Conditioning Serum, $37, is a natural blend of moisturizing botanicals and peptides and can be used daily on brows and lashes,” she says. As an alternative, you can also use a face moisturizer or a face serum, but be sure to apply gently and use sparingly. You want that laminate to stay LUSH after all.

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