Oily Skin? Not For Long With These 5 Drugstore Products


drugstore oily skin

Finding formulas that balance oily skin can sometimes feel like a catch 22: You want an impactful formula that’ll lower oil production and rebalance your skin, but one that won’t also leave your skin feeling tight and sensitive. There are so many formulas out there that can just be too harsh, so to save you and your skin, here are five amazing drugstore formulas that’ll cleanse, tone, and hydrate your skin without throwing it off-balance and sending your oil glands into overdrive. You can thank us later…

1. Our Go-To Cleanser: Versed Wash It Out Gel Cleanser, $13

drugstore oily skin Source: Versed

Versed has become our go-to skincare brand as they continue to release effective, affordable formulas that deliver on their promises. Hence, why this everyday gel cleanser has become a staple in our routine. Infused with nourishing rose water, seaweed extract, and refreshing mint, it cleanses deep into pores without leaving your skin feeling tight or dry. It’s the perfect face wash for morning or as the second step in your double cleanse!

We also love their Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm, $18, which is great for your first cleanse to remove makeup and SPF, plus it also contains soothing eucalyptus oil and vitamin E.

2. Our Fave Toner: The Inkey List PHA Exfoliating Toner, $11

drugstore oily skin Source: The Inkey List

For oily skin types, toner is a non-negotiable skincare step, and this PHA Gentle Exfoliating Toner, $11, is a fail-safe option. Formulated with a very gentle chemical exfoliant – PHA – it helps to lower oil production and nix dead skin cells, improving skin texture without causing any damage to your skin barrier, which makes it gentle enough to use twice a day. The formula is also enriched with soothing niacinamide and aloe leaf juice to brighten the skin and calm redness. Use morning and night, after you’ve cleansed and before serums and moisturizers.

Oily skin tip: Don’t overload your routine with lots of potent formulas. Think hydration, protection, and a mineral SPF for daytime (Zinc sunscreen is amazing because this mineral lowers oil production as well as protecting your skin). For nighttime, use a gentle but clarifying toner, like the PHA toner, and try a gently exfoliating serum (like the ones we have coming up) then follow with a moisturizer.

3. Our Fave Clarifying Serum: Versed Just Breathe Clarifying Serum, $20

drugstore oily skin Source: Versed

This clarifying serum has become our savior over the past six months. Formulated with willow bark that cleans deep into pores and niacinamide and zinc to lower oil production and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, this formula is amazing. What we love most is it’s as hydrating as it is powerful, as it also packs plenty of glycerin and sodium hyaluronate to avert dryness. This double-pronged approach not only calms existing inflammation in the skin, but it’ll also helps prevent future breakouts by keeping skin balanced.

Oily skin myth: You don’t need moisturizer! Guys, this is SO not true; the more dehydrated your skin, the more likely it is to produce excess oil to compensate for the lack of lubrication. Keep your skin well hydrated by not going overboard on drying products and by using lightweight moisturizers. At night, you can add Jojoba oil at the end of your routine to really lock in moisture without clogging your pores. We love this organic and cold-pressed Leven Rose Jojoba Oil, $10.

4. Our 2-in-1 Moisturizer: Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Absorbing Moisturizer SPF 30, $19

drugstore oily skin Source: Cetaphil

Dermatologists are obsessed with Cetaphil due to their simple yet impactful formulas, and this moisturizer is the real deal. Formulated for oily and acne-prone skin, it uses micro pearl technology to absorb oil and reduce shine. It also offers broad-spectrum SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It’s also fragrance-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic, so it won’t block your pores. As if it couldn’t get any better, it also wears beautifully under makeup. Apply in the morning as the last step in your routine.

5. Our Holy Grail Vitamin C: Pixi Beauty Overnight Glow Serum, $24

drugstore oily skin

Source: Pixi

This cult-fave brightening serum is enriched with vitamin C and 10% glycolic acid to reveal brighter, more even skin. The formula is balanced with soothing and hydrating cucumber and aloe vera extract to ensure your skin stays hydrated while vitamin A and E protect your skin from aging free radicals. Thanks to this impressive inkey list, it helps to improve post-inflammatory pigmentation and uneven skin tone while it also helps to soften fine lines. It’s the ultimate do-it-all formula.

For more oily skin tips, check out our derm-approved skincare guide for oily skin.

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