The Best Eye Masks To Brighten, Soothe & Snatch


Tired (literally) of waking up with puffy, sleepy eyes? We feel you. Whatever’s causing your tired eyes, whether it’s stress, covid-induced insomnia or just a hangover, don’t panic as these eye masks are here to save the day. Slap on one of these masks and in less than 30 minutes your under-eyes will be snatched, soothed, and brighter than before.

MIJ Masks MIJ Eye Patch, $19

1-MIJ-Face-Mask-Bio-Cellulose-Face-MaskSource: MIJ Masks

Girl bawse Maya Jama is no stranger to puffy eyes, and after years of using eye masks every day before shoots and events, she decided to launch her own, and they’ve garnered rave reviews ever since. The hydrogel masks are instantly cooling and drenched in an all-thriller-no-filler formula, which boasts a hydrating blend of glycerin and hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth. They’re also enriched with panthenol and allantoin to calm and soothe inflammation. Plus, they’re vegan and cruelty-free.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks, $25

2-Wander-Beauty-Baggage-Claim-Eye-MasksSource: Wander

These gold foil masks will nix dark circles in minutes, plus they make for a great selfie accessory! These multi-layered masks are soaked in a serum packed with peptides to improve skin tone and texture, combined with amino acids and hyaluronic acid to keep hydration levels steady. It even boasts aloe leaf extract and lavender oil to cool and soothe inflammation.

The innovative material is also just as praise-worthy as it helps retain heat and prevents the serum from evaporating, allowing for maximum absorption. These also don’t slip or slide, which is a must with eye masks.

Top tips: Stack Your masks in the fridge – the ice-cold temperature will help soothe inflammation further. Also, it’s the ultimate wake-up call (no caffeine required).

WISHFUL Eye Lift & Snatch Instant Sculpting Masks, $5


In case you haven’t heard, we recently launched our own WISHFUL under-eye masks, inspired by our best-selling Chin Lift Mask! The no-slip, easy-to-apply masks are infused with peptides to improve dark circles and orchid stem cells to lift, brighten and smooth the under-eyes. Get snatched in 30 minutes!

KNC Beauty All-Natural Retinol Infused Eye Mask, $25 

3-KNC-Beauty-All-Natural-Retinol-Infused-Eye-MaskSource: KNC Beauty

You’ll probably recognize these masks from social media as they’re SO Insta-worthy! These jelly masks contain an impressive blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera to soften fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your under-eyes smooth and plump. They’re also infused with rose flower oil, vitamin E, and bitter cherry extract to provide a much-needed surge of brightening antioxidants so you can say goodbye to those late-night eyes.

Bliss Beauty Eye Got This Holographic Foil Moisturizing Eye Mask, $4

4-Bliss-Beauty-Eye-Got-This-Holographic-Foil-Moisturizing-Eye-MaskSource: Bliss

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, look no further. We’re obsessed with these foil-backed eye masks with peptides to smooth fine lines, sodium hyaluronate to moisturize and plump, and a hydrating blend with xylitol to help limit water loss. In short, it’ll freshen up even the most tired and dry eyes, and these hug under-eye bags with ease, which we love.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, $15

6-Skyn-Iceland-Hydro-Cool-Firming-Eye-GelsSource: Skyn Iceland

We discovered this brand on a trip to Iceland and have fallen in love with their products ever since. These cooling gel patches are infused with Icelandic glacial waters to de-puff and tone the under-eyes. They’re also packed with peptides and botanicals to improve blood flow, thereby lessening dark circles and leaving your eyes looking brighter and more radiant.

Top tip: To amplify your masking routine, use a jade-roller or sculpting tool over the eye mask. Not only will it increase absorption, but it will also help tone and lift the eye area.

111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, $115 (for 8 pieces)

7-111-Skin-Celestial-Black-Diamond-Eye-MaskSource: 111 Skin

We admit these masks are a certified splurge, but they seriously deliver on their promise to banish puffy, dark circles. These masks are enriched with all of our favorite active ingredients, from hyaluronic acid to plump and retain moisture to retinol for increased skin cell renewal and diminished fine lines and wrinkles. They also contain granactive retinoid, which is a high-performing non-prescription retinoid that has anti-aging properties and can even decrease the effects of UV-induced skin damage. This is no ordinary eye mask – we’ll take three of these, thanks!

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