We're Crowning These The Best Leave-In Conditioners (For All Hair Types!)

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Our strands have powered through blow-drying, curling wands, tight updos, and bad dye jobs, without any complaints – well, dry roots may be a cry for help. Just like moisturizers seal in hydration for supple skin, leave-in conditioners lock in nutrients to transform brittle hair into nourished locks. Whether you’ve got S-curls or kinky coils or have indulged in a DIY-hair coloring kit thrice this year, this insane roundup of leave-ins will add to your mane’s luster and bring your tresses back to life (BTW, don’t rinse this one out).

For Bouncy Curls: BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY Elastic Bounce Leave-in Conditioning Styler Hair Cream, $28

Texture: Cream (soft-serve like)
Benefits: Curl-enhancing
The deets: 250ml

8-Bread-Hair-CreamSource: Bread Beauty Supply

Powered by quinoa and mango butter, this silicone-free conditioning cream is a protein pick-me-up for limp 2A to 3C curls. Your coils are wrapped in antioxidants to lock in moisture for springy bounce free from splitsies. The styling-meets-treatment cream has a berry-popsicle fragrance that leaves your locks feeling luxe and smelling fresh.

For Kinks & Coils:  Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Softening Leave-In Conditioner, $19

Texture: Cream
Benefits: Softening, growth-stimulating
The deets: 475ml

2-Melanin-Haircare-Multi-Use-Softening-Leave-In-ConditionerSource: Melanin Haircare

If you’re #Blessed with curls, Melanin Haircare goes above and beyond with their multi-use leave-in. Its scoopable formulation, infused with bamboo extracts and amino acids, strengthens your roots while rosemary essence stimulates follicle growth. You can use it as a daily moisturizer, a detangler for stubborn knots, and a pre-poo for cleansing prep. It’s the ultimate from-within transformation that’ll keep your kinks soft for days!

Wakati Oil-Infused Cream, $10

Texture: Liquid
Benefits: Hydrating, curl-enhancing
The deets: 250ml

3-Wakati-Oil-Infused-CreamSource: Wakati

This oil-infused leave-in, infused with shea butter, takes your kinks on a one-way trip to hydration city by locking moisture into every strand. With your thirsty curls replenished, make way for more IG-scroll time, thanks to jojoba oil extracts that soften your kinks for a knot-free finish – if you’re wondering, yes, you can use it with your go-to styling products. It also adds a beautiful level of shine and plenty of slip for styling.

4C | ONLY Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner, $25

Texture: Cream
Benefits: Detangling, hydrating
The deets: 355ml

9-4C-ONLY-Too-Soft-Leave-In-ConditionerSource: 4C|ONLY

Your glorious crown of curls deserves the best there is – a scoop of this squalene-infused creamy leave-in delivers protected, shiny kinks that last for dayyys. Packed with naturally derived ingredients for an easy soak-in, coat each strand of your hair (extra TLC for those ends!) for some moisture-drenched goodness. Infused with slippery elm for a cray slip, you’ll be gliding through knot-free kinks in no time. Bonus: It works great as a heat protectant too!

For Straight Hair: IGK THIRSTY GIRL Coconut Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-in Conditioner, $31

Texture: Spray
Benefits: Hydrating, frizz-taming
The deets: 179ml

4-THIRSTY-GIRL-Coconut-Milk-Anti-Frizz-Conditioner.jpgSource: IGK

Babe, if you have a tab open RN for frizzy tips, we’ve got you. This lightweight conditioner is infused with coconut milk to hydrate your hair follicles for a glossy finish. The taming power of hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and stands guard against humidity for a frizz-less updo. Spritz a few times for smooth tresses that’ll carry you through shopping sprees and breakfasts in bed.

For S-Shaped Waves: Alaffia Curl Enhancing Leave-In Conditioner, $13

Texture: Cream
Benefits: Anti-bacterial, reduces oil-buildup
The deets: 355ml

7-Alaffia-Curl-Enhancing-Leave-In-ConditionerSource: Alaffia

The Alaffia Curl Enhancing Leave-In Conditioner, $13, uses the anti-bacterial extracts of chamomile and yarrow to unclog your follicles of any oil buildup, promoting growth and enhancing your S-shaped curls. A scoop of this shea-butter cream will style rolled-out-of-bed hair into Beyoncé waves within minutes. A little goes a long way, so be sure to evenly distribute with a wide-tooth comb before drying for nourished locks. We also love that Alaffia uses 5% of all purchases to care for POC in communities that need support.

For Color-Treated Strands: Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner, $13

Texture: Cream
Benefits: Restoring, moisturizing
The deets: 454g

6-Jamaican-Black-CastorOil-Strengthen-Restore-ConditionerSource: SheaMoisture

If you love having fun with your hair color, your tresses have probably checked off every color in the rainbow and require some serious TLC. Pro tip: Nothing kicks in scalp restoration like organic shea butter. Alongside trusty omegas, the buttery savior restores damaged strands and boosts hair growth. Great for qweens who regularly experiment with their 2A to 4C strands, it’s THE cult fave because it adds a protective layer that hides the appearance of split ends: Add. To. Basket.

For Heat-Exposed Hair: OUAI Leave-In Conditioner, $26

Texture: Spray
Benefits: Heat-protecting, smells divine
The deets: 140ml

5-OUAI-Leave-In-ConditionerSource: OUAI

From flat-ironed bobs to crimped waves, keeping up with hairfluencers may tweak your hair’s moisture levels by a teensy bit. A few pre-heat spritzes of this tamarind seed-infused mist for a moisture-packed punch are enough to bring back the gloss in your tresses. Rich in vitamin E and hydrolyzed proteins, you’ll find your hair protected and smelling like Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.

For Chemically-Treated Hair: Cantu Avocado Leave-In Conditioner Cream, $6

Texture: Cream
Benefits: Hydrating, soothing
The deets: 340g

1-Cantu-Avocado-Repair-Hydrating-Leave-InSource: Cantu

If you’ve been taking notes, you’d know that we’re utterly #obsessed with all things Cantu. Their bomb shea butter formula nourishes your strands for a root-to-tip transformation. The mega-fatty acids of avocado oil heal your strands, while aloe vera and olive oil work overtime to bring back your natural shine. Even better, your splits will appear smoother after this intense moisture-packed treatment. Oh and, it smells diviiiine.

For the ultimate roundup, check out drugstore products that’ll transform your hair (from $6).

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