11 Setting Sprays To Keep Your Face Set No Matter How Hot It Gets


There’s nothing more soul-crushing than spending hours of your life artfully applying makeup, only to have it slide right off the second your face encounters sweat, humidity, and summer’s BFF: the sun.

No one has time for constant touch-ups these days and lugging the entire contents of your makeup drawer around gets heavy AF. Therefore, setting sprays to the rescue.

What used to be a one-size-masks-all stamp made up of mostly alcohol, has come a long way, babes. And these 11 set-it-and-forget-it mists are the multi-taskers we’ve long been waiting for.

Yes, they seal in cosmetics, but they also provide sun and blue light protection, copious amounts of skin-quenching ingredients, and glowed-up radiance to boot.

Ahead, the best makeup setting sprays for summer you should always keep stashed in your beach bag.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $49

This heavenly elixir, which was inspired by the Queen of Hungary’s youth-inducing formula in the 16th century, has reached cult status when it comes to setting sprays. While most contain alcohol for staying power, Caudalie’s does not. Only antioxidant-rich properties that prevent your makeup from oxidizing for longer wear. And it’s the ideal refresher during long flights.

Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray, $32

Nina Park works on A-list faces such as Zoë Kravitz and Brie Larson, so when she needs to stop their makeup from smearing, fading, and creasing, she relies on Kate Somerville’s secret weapon. “I’m always looking to keep my skin healthy and glowing, and beauty lovers should too,” notes Park. This setting spray is a mess-free way to get your broad-spectrum SPF fix – and ensure your lipstick, powder, and shadows stay put – with a matte finish.

Coola Makeup Setting Sunscreen Spray SPF 30, $29

If your T-zone starts to resemble an oil slick by midday, reach for Coola’s shine-zapping, makeup-setting SPF 30 spray. Unlike other sunscreen sprays, it won’t feel greasy to the touch and has a fresh green tea scent, instead of a not-so-sexy zinc oxide aroma.

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty Beauty Water Fix It Spray, $20

Makeup artist to stars like Zendaya and Alicia Keys, Ashunta Serriff, relies on setting sprays so heavily in her day-to-day life, she created her own. “My vegan formula has jojoba, coconut fruit, and rose water to leave makeup locked in and skin hydrated for hours on end,” she explains.

Another Sheriff-approved pick? Gleam by Melanie Mills Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray, $40. “I love this aerosol spray that secures makeup immediately, making it water-resistant – even on tattoo coverings.”

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, $33

Take a peak inside any MUA’s kit and you’re likely to find Urban Decay’s All Nighter. For makeup that won’t budge, even in the sweatiest of conditions, spritz this holy grail spray on before you leave the house. It’s smudge and transfer-proof and provides 16-hour vibrant coverage. Their latest versions also come in matte, glow, oil control, and pollution protection.

ILIA Blue Light Protect + Set Mist, $38

With all the screen time we face in front of our phones and computers, blue light protection for the skin is crucial. Ilia’s mist with Tara extract neutralizes free radicals and shields skin from blue light exposure, while Mastic visibly smooths, refines pores, and controls excess shine.

Younique Touch Behold Setting Spray, $39

“I love using the Younique’s setting spray because it’s an ultra-fine mist that gives you a photo-ready finish,” says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. “It can be used as a finishing step, or to refresh throughout the day, but the best part is, it isn’t sticky, boosts longevity, and really works!” Greenberg’s tip: Hold the primer 8 to10 inches from your face and spray in a T-like fashion.

My Payot Brume Eclat, $28

For the ultimate skin pick-me-up, reach for My Payot’s alcohol-free vivifying mist. Powered by açai and goji berry extract, along with hyaluronic acid, this spray not only preps your skin for makeup (and seals it), but provides crazy moisture at the same time. An anti-pollution layer is also your best defense against wrinkle-causing skin aggressors.

Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow Dewy Milk Mist, $38

Glam guru Patrick Ta’s weightless mist sets makeup, gives skin serious luminosity and delivers all-day hydration. “I like to apply it on just the perimeter of the face, not the center,” he explains, “for a beautiful summer glow.”

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist, $59

Thanks to an anti-evaporation molecule, this skin ally clings to your skin instead of evaporating. Probiotics, 5% Niacinamide, and a handful of antioxidants (think: silk amino acids, zinc PCA, and acai berry) work in unison to balance the skin’s PH and reverse the effects of dehydration from sun, alcohol, and air-conditioning at the same time. When it comes to your spray technique, it’s vital to point out: less is more.

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