The Best TikTok Beauty Hacks You Should Actually Try This Year


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When it comes to TikTok, there are tons of hacks and tips that you should never EVER even consider… Period blood facials, leg hair lash extensions, the list goes on (check them out). However, to be fair, there are other hacks that are actually kinda genius, from heatless curls to eyeliner hacks that will give you a totally flawless cat-eye. Here are the TikTok hacks that you should try this year…

1. Applying Blush and Contour Under Foundation

@daniellemarcantry this technique for a no makeup- makeup day ##makeup ##tutorial♬ Sunflower, Vol. 6 – Harry Styles

This is one of the best makeup hacks we’ve tried in months, and it’s SO simple. All you have to do is apply your cream contour and blusher underneath your foundation. By defining your facial features before you apply foundation, it’ll create a more natural, seamless finish. Another reason to try this hack? It’ll help avoid any blending mishaps, as the foundation helps buff and blend away harsh lines.

2. Slugging

@ymorbeautyA 100% occlusive can change your skin. I like @cerave and ##aquaphor. any ingredient can cause a reaction so patch test! ##skincare ##slugging♬ Nobody.knows – Brenky

Slugging, AKA applying Vaseline as a moisturizer, is a skincare hack that’s been gaining traction for years, first on reddit, and now on Tik Tok. While it may seem a little unorthodox and hella slippery, according to dermatologist Dr. Lortscher, “The Unitd States FDA approves of the use of petrolatum as an over-the-counter skin protectant that can seal in moisture to help dry skin. It’s also useful in healing superficial scrapes and wounds as well as irritated skin.”

Dr. Lortscher recommends applying a thin layer of Vaseline to your skin fresh out of the shower – while your skin is still damp – to help seal in all that moisture. Alternatively, you can opt to use it as the final step in your nighttime skincare regimen. To find out more about this budget-friendly skincare hack, check out our guide to slugging.

3. For Perfect Liner: Use a Bobby Pin

@annnakraЛюблю красивые стрелки❤️♬ オリジナル楽曲 – kk – kk

Learning how to slay a flawless wing is a skill that can take years to perfect. Hence why Tik Tok’ers are creating tons of different hacks to simplify the process, like this bobby pin technique. We’ve got to admit, it’s very easy and when angled towards the tail of your brow, it’ll lift and snatch your eye in seconds.

4. Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

@clownbabyy_Anotha eyeliner vid for hooded eyes just because ##makeup ##eyeliner ##fyp ##tutorial ##eyeslipface ##idk ##lol

♬ Pet Shop Eyes – The Growlers

Anyone who has hooded eyes will tell you how difficult it is to create a perfect cat-eye. Thanks to the fold on hooded eyes, once you’re done creating that perfect wing, it can all of the sudden seem to disappear. This technique offers the ultimate solution, and speaking from personal experience, we can confirm it really works.

5. Eyeshadow Lip Contour

@christy3369_#duet with @deja.zhane my new fave lip #makeuphacks #lipstick #fyp #poseathome♬ Black Mayo Jus Know bryansanon – Bryansanon

If your lip pencil is running low, get creative and use eyeshadow instead. By using eyeshadow to line your lips, you’ll not only contour for a juicy pout but it will also help set your lipstick so it’s less likely to smudge. We trialed this hack with a deep berry look and it was so sexy.

6. For a Chiseled Jaw: Mewing

@mattrandonHave you tried mewing? follow me for more tips! #skincare #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #beauty #beautyhacks #beautytips #jawline♬ Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Right now, seeing as we rarely leave the house, whenever we do lay a flawless beat a selfie is in order. This simple celeb-loved hack will add definition to your jawline in seconds – no contouring necessary!

7. For Dry Skin: Reverse Your Makeup Base

@atifaarshad_I have dry skin, worked well for me ##makeuphacks ##fyp ##beautytips ##makeuptipstiktok ##beautyhacks ##iamforeverflawless ##makeuphack♬ original sound – Jarida

This complexion hack is another Tik Tok tip we’ve learned to love, and what better time to try it than while you’re stuck indoors. The hack suggests reversing the way in which you apply your complexion products to help you achieve the most seamless complexion base that doesn’t budge an inch. You may have already seen this hack, but 2021 is the time to master it!

8. For Flawless Liner: How to Fix Messed Up liner

@daniellemarcanlife’s good innit #makeup♬ IG michaelpepito – Michael Pepito

Danielle Marcan’s Tik Tok is like the gift that keeps on giving – there are so many insane makeup tutorials and this liner look is no exception. We love the way she turned a mishap into a fierce look and you should too! The next time your liner goes “wrong” turn it into a graphic liner look.

9. Heatless Sock Curls

@neginmirsalehiMy love for heatless curls. ##hairstyle ##heatlesscurls♬ More Than A Woman – From “Saturday Night Fever” Soundtrack – Bee Gees

This year, naturally healthy hair is going to continue to dominate, and as a result, we’ll be using heat styling tools less and less. However, if you still want to achieve bouncy curls, this sock hack is ideal. It’ll leave you with beach waves without any heat damage or breakage.

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