Bob Haircut Guide: A Celeb Stylist On How To Choose The Perfect Bob


bob hair guide

The idea of committing to a bob haircut after years of long locks sends our nervous system into a frenzy. But we’ve always been so curious, and since the bob haircut is the hottest hair trend RN, we thought there was no better time to ask the experts for all their tips. Introducing our fave celeb hairstylist: Dom Seeley. He regularly styles Hollywood and Huda’s hair and is an absolute hairstylin’ G, so there’s no one we’d trust more on this topic. Here’s everything you need to know before getting a bob haircut.

What to Consider Before You Get a Bob Haircut

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So before we even discuss face shapes, hair texture, or bob-product essentials, Dom says you need to consider these three things:

Style: First, Dom instructs you to ask, “Does it suit my style?” He continues, “A bob is a chic haircut that needs to be worn with confidence. We have a saying in the hair world; ‘You should wear your hair and not let your hair wear you.‘ In short, you need to commit to the style.” We heard that!

Lifestyle: Dom explains that considering your lifestyle is key in choosing your bob style, “Bobs and shorter haircuts require more styling time and regular maintenance.” So, if you like to wear your hair up or skip wash days #guilty, it may not be for you as bobs require regular if not daily styling.”

Is a bob haircut right for my face shape?: “People tend to believe that bobs or shorter haircuts can make you look cool, chic, and modern, which they definitely can do. However, if the cut, length, or style of the bob is not suited to you personally and your face shape, then it can look dated and tired.”

The Secret to a Bob Haircut

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Spoiler alert: Dom says, “There’s not actually any “secret” when it comes to bobs. I love where we are at ATM; there are just so many bob styles to choose from, and anyone can play with the style.”

After all, there are tons of bob variations, from shape to length. And as Dom points out, hybrid cuts are becoming a big thing, like when “a bob meets a shag or wolf cut, or the pixie crop and a bob (bixie). You even have mid-length cuts and bobs, AKA the midi, as well the long bob, AKA the lob. There are so many variations, so you can take a variety of elements that work for you and create a unique bob.” We LOVE!

The Best Bob Style to Flatter Your Face Shape

Now it’s time to grab a mirror and identify your face shape to help you determine what bob style will look gorgeous on you.

Oval face shapes: Dom says, “Oval-face shapes can literally try every style of bob, as the face shape is soft. Therefore, it suits hair on or off the face, one length or layered, whether you have wavy, curly, or straight locks.”

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Round face shapes: Dom suggests “A longer bob, as this will help elongate the face and cut the roundness off at the cheeks, making the face appear more oval. A lob or a midi would be great, or even an A-line bob, as this will draw attention to the chin and jawline and will make the face appear longer. A side parting is also a good option for round faces as it opens up the face, adding interest to the features and making it appear more angular.”

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Square face shapes: “When choosing your bob style, opt for asymmetry to soften the angles of a square face. A side parting or an asymmetrical cut is a great option, as it will add interest and make the face appear more oval. Again, you want this to be longer in length because anything too short or sharp could make the angles of a square face look harsh,” says Dom.

Rectangular face shapes: Dom clarifies, “This face shape is longer in length and narrow in width, so you want to balance it all out. Bangs are great as they shorten the distance from the hairline to the chin. To create the illusion of a smaller face, a blunt cut will also work.” Dom recommends to opt for a short bob haircut, as longer lengths do less to balance the face.

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Heart face shapes: “Typically, heart shapes are wider at the forehead and much narrower and slimmer at the chin and jawline, so you can balance this out, so the width matches.” says Dom. To do this, he suggests, “Opt for texture and layers. You don’t want anything super short, but you also don’t want to go too long. A lob or shoulder length is perfect, but make sure you have layers and movement to add balance. You need to be adding width at the jawline so the texture will make sure you can achieve that.”

Your Ultimate Bob Haircut Inspo Board:

Short Bob Haircut

Pixie Bob Haircut


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Layered Bob Haircut


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Bob Haircut with Bangs


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Long Bob Haircut


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Consider Your Hair Texture

Now that we’ve considered face shape, it’s time to talk texture. Fortunately, Dom says, “There’s not really a specific rule for hair types or texture as bob typically always needs styling unless you’re rocking the french girl-esque wash-and-go vibe. Really, any texture is a good texture.”

He confirms that the bottom line is, “Bobs need some TLC, so it really depends on your mood and how you want to wear your bob. As long as you align with your face shape and follow that rule, then I feel bobs are there to have some rules broken.”

When it comes to products, Dom suggests, “you want to get something volumizing for straighter hair types to give body and movement, like the Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer, $26.” 

He continues, “For wavy, curly, or kinky hair textures, it’s just a matter of preference. if you want to rock your natural texture, then just a leave-in is perfect, as this will hydrate your wave and enhance your curl pattern while keeping your hair effortless and chic. I feel having your hair cut in a bob emphasizes your natural texture (if wavy or curly) and allows you to play around more. However, if you want smooth, sleek, glossy strands that block out frizz and humidity and give a great swing and shine, use Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment, $28. It transforms any texture of hair and gives you that sleek bob look.”

Dom’s Fave Bob Haircut Trends RN

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Obviously, we couldn’t chat with Dom without asking for his fave bob hairstyles. He gushed, “I love Hailey Beiber’s bob that she just cut. It’s cool as the length is blunt, but it’s got a modern/effortless vibe. I also love the natural bends and soft texture she wears. It’s giving cool-girl model off-duty.”

He adds, “Anything French, I love. I’m also really loving Jenna Ortega’s bob style. It has like a 70s flair with the texture and flipped ends, but is still modern.”

Finally, he shouted out Lizzo, “I loved Lizzo’s wet-look bob at the Grammys. The length feels fresh for her, combined with her natural texture. I feel like we’re going to see a lot more people have the confidence to wear their bobs in this style and length.”

Okay, so now you know how to cut your perfect bob, check out these 2023 hair color trends.

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