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Body-Bronzing Secrets From J.Lo’s MUA For A Vacay-Worthy Glow


Take one look at the current summer forecast, and you’ll ask, “Bestie, is there ANY way to get a summer glow without baking in the heat for hours?” The exciting answer lies in body highlighters and these glow-all-over glossy tips from the industry’s finest glow-maker, MUA Scott Barnes.

We’re not kidding when we say his signature glow is unparalleled in the industry. In fact, he’s in charge of Jennifer Lopez’s coveted glow and has sculpted plenty of A-listers, from Beyoncé and Kim K to Penelope Cruz. Luckily, he doesn’t gatekeep his secrets, which means everyone can fake an award-winning body bronze without the sweat! From how to choose the right undertone, and how to pick the right formula for you, prepare your body-glossin’ formulas, clear your playlist, and prepare for a guaranteed text back because this sun-touched shimmer is next level. Alexa, play Hot Girl Summer, thanks.

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