Bored With Your Beauty Routine? Try These Fun New Inventions


Cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, blush, lipstick, repeat. Beauty regimens can get a little monotonous after a while, but there are plenty of ways to add a kick to your process. If you’re craving some beauty adventure, you’re in the right place. These seven new inventions will spice up your life and your beauty shelf.

1. Donni Davy x Face Lace Beauty Stickers, $17.50 to $26


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Two things we love: easy beauty and major looks. The Donni Davy x Face Lace Beauty Stickers serve up both. Available in a handful of cool shapes and sizes—including clouds, lightning bolts, and superhero-esque cat eyes—they add some instant drama around your eyes. You can mix and match them, apply over eyeshadow, or wear alone.


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2. Flower Beauty Jet Set Invisible Powder Spray, $14


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Can’t make up your mind between a setting powder and spray? No need to choose. Flower Beauty (by Drew Barrymore) just debuted a revolutionary, spray-on setting powder that instantly blurs pores, nixes imperfections, and leaves you with a smooth and silky finish. This is a great one for on-the-go touchups, too!

3. Reduit UNI Universal Skincare & Haircare Treatment Device, $69 to $99

Leave it to the Swiss to create a seriously luxurious, multi-tasking beauty device that won’t make you gasp at the price tag! Reduit’s new UNI device uses an advanced misting technology that evenly applies highly concentrated ingredients to your hair or skin. The goal is to deliver product to your skin or hair way more efficiently by improving absorption and wasting less product (and less packaging). You buy the device then choose the hair or skin pods that suit your needs. Prices for the pod packs range from $19.90 to $44.90.

4. Moxie Lash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner, $45

If you’re keen on changing up your faux lash game, lean into magnetic technology! Moxie Lash’s Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner applies exactly like an eyeliner, but once it dries down it’s magically magnetic! Simple place the magnetic faux lashes on top and they’ll instantly attach. It makes for super easy removal, too!

5. Tineco MODA ONE Smart Ionic Hair Dryer, $299


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Lots of brands throw the word “smart” in front of products these days, but not all live up to the descriptor. Tineco’s new Moda One Smart Ionic Hair dryer delivers on its promises. This bad boy can detect wet hair from dry hair via its iLoop Smart Sensor Technology. It also utilizes unique technology that releases millions of ions for hair that’s smoother, shinier, and healthier at the end of your blowout. All this translates to a faster dry time and far less heat damage.

6. Happy Dance CBD Look Alive Moisturizer, $29


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Perhaps you’ve dabbled in CBD tinctures, gummies, bath bombs, or body creams, but have you ever tried CBD for your face? Happy Dance’s newest drop—CBD Look Alive Moisturizer—features a dense, whipped formula that seriously hydrates your skin. Better yet, it can be applied directly over your makeup for an instant, non-greasy, reviving midday pick-me-up. (Yes, we tried doing it and it totally works!)

7. Judith Leiber Couture More is More EDP, $145


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Remember those childhood pens where you’d click a button and the color would instantly change? That’s exactly what Judith Leiber’s More is More EDP is like—only we’re talking perfume. You can get up to seven fragrances out of this single bottle by toggling the three sliders at the top of the bottle. Want more gourmand and less citrusy zest? Go for it. Craving pure floral? Also doable. Prefer an even mix of all three? The world is your oyster.

Did we miss any cool new beauty inventions? Let us know what finds have recently rocked your world, or shout out some fun gadgets, tools, or products you’re eager to try!

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