Brow Lamination Is The Cheaper (And Better?) Alternative To Microblading

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If you rewind to 2018, the world was obsessed with perfectly sculpted, HD brows. A year later, that trend has officially died (RIP) and in its place is the boy brow. It’s equally bold yet more natural, fluffy, and (looks) untouched – we’re low key obsessed.

The bad news? Not everyone is #blessed with naturally thick, fluffy brows. The good news? You can fake it with brow lamination; a semi-permanent brow treatment that straightens, sets, and tints your brow hair leaving you with full, thick brows for up to eight weeks. For the DL, we spoke to brow lamination expert, Katie Humphreys from the House Of Beauty salon in the UK. Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is Brow Lamination?


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Brow lamination is the latest brow treatment to blow up on Instagram and the results really do look amazing. The treatment reworks and tints your natural brow hairs to create a fuller shape. Katie explains; “This treatment will help give you a uniform, full brow shape. It’s all about natural, fluffy looking brows we don’t like to create any harsh lines where the brows look unnatural.” She says the treatment is perfect for “Eyebrows that do not have symmetry: where the hairs follow a different pattern.”

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To achieve this naturally full effect, Katie tells us; “The brows are brushed into place in a way where every hair follows the same direction of growth. We then brush them into a shape to create a very soft, natural arch.” Katie confirms it’s suitable “For nearly all skin types; however, a patch test is always carried out before the treatment to ensure no irritation or reaction occurs.”

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How Brow Lamination Works

“The process involves straightening the brow hairs using a chemical solution so that they all stand in the desired direction. This will give you a full, fluffy brow shape that can last up to eight weeks,” Katie says.

Watch the whole process of brow lamination below:

Katie explained exactly what you can expect if you try brow lamination:

Step 1: “To start the treatment, we prepare the brows by cleaning them thoroughly so we can see the natural brow. Then, the client and I will assess what sort of shape and look we want to achieve.”

Step 2: “Next we apply the London Brow Step 1 Brow Lift Cream, this is left on for approx. five minutes depending on the density of the hair, there can be the odd tingling sensation with this, but nothing that would feel uncomfortable. The Brow Lift Cream softens the hair, which allows us to manipulate them to grow in a new direction.”

Step 3: “Secondly, we apply the London Brow Step 2 neutralizing cream to reconstitute the hair structure.”

Step 4: “Lastly, we apply a tint to achieve the desired color and shape using wax and thread.”

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Post-Brow Lamination Appointment 

Once the treatment is complete,  Katie says, “The brows will look very sleek with a wet look. This wet look lasts for 24 hours and once washed will remain fluffy. If you want that glossy look, you can achieve it easily by applying a brow gel or serum.”

As with most semi-permanent treatments, there are certain things you should avoid post-treatment. Katie recommends avoiding hot showers and exercise for 24 hours in order to keep them dry. After the initial 24 hours, she says “you can wet and cleanse the face with any of your favorite products, which wouldn’t disrupt the shape of the brow.”

How Much Does Brow Lamination cost?

While microblading might set you back anywhere from $300 to $600, brow lamination is a fraction of the price, and usually costs just $50-60.

Brow Lamination Aftercare 

Katie says, “At House Of Beauty, we provide our clients with a nourishing serum to use on their brows post-treatment. This ensures the brow hairs stay hydrated. Aside from this, there are various natural remedies you can use on the brows to keep them healthy and soft, such as coconut oil and castor oil.” We recommend castor oil, as it helps boost growth: simply apply a coating of castor oil using a Q-tip before your sleep.

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