Can Wearing Bright Makeup Help Us Feel Happier? Science Says Yes.


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Put down the neutral palette for a sec, babe. We’re about to take you into uber bright territory. As in unapologetic lime green, flashy hot pink, and blue so bold it gives the most sparkling ocean a run for its money. Not only is bright makeup one of our favorite beauty trends of the season, but science tells us that it can actually make us feel happier.

“Wearing bright colors offers an outlet of creativity and expression of your current emotions or needs,” explains Mandy Morris, an author who specializes in manifestation. “They can also enhance the experience of others around you, creating or meeting the need for deeper human connection.”

That makes sense to us. How many times have you noticed someone else’s eye-catching makeup — or even outfit — and felt a sense of joy just from the glance? It might have even sparked a conversation between you.

Interestingly, certain colors elicit different emotions, says psychotherapist Dr. Jed Turnbull, PhD, LCSW, CHT. “Red is associated with excitement and energy, while yellow is associated with happiness and friendliness. Green is often seen as calming and refreshing, while purple can be seen as luxurious and elegant,” he says. “Moreover, purples along with pinks tend to express individualism.”


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Bright Makeup Products to Try

Ready to dive into a saturated rainbow and spread the joy? We’ve rounded up some seriously colorful beauty loot for you and others to ogle.

1. Huda Beauty Color Block Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes, $27

color block

In case you haven’t heard, we just revealed the latest addition to our eyeshadow collection: the Color Block Obsessions Palettes in Orange & Purple and Blue & Green. Both palettes are bursting with bright, bold beautiful colors and insane new textures to help you create an array of standout, feel-good looks — use the shades in blocks for a standout pop of color! We’ve even included a brand new water-activated liner so you can slay a graphic eye with ease. Mark your calendars, these babies launch on April 19th!

2. NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pink Hit, $10


You could go for a nude shade, or you could opt for a dopamine kick via hot pink! This matte lipstick from NYX offers 16 hours of wear and is blindingly bright. Yes, please! Not feeling pink but still want a juicy burst of color? Try Knockout, which is still bright but leans a bit more purple.

3. Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes Multichrome Gel for Eyes & Face, $25

3-Danessa-Myricks-Beauty-Infinite-Chrome-Flakes-Multichrome-Gel-for-Eyes-&-FaceSource: Danessa Myricks

Everything Danessa Myricks touches basically turns to gold. Or in this case, it turns to dazzling chrome. Her new chrome flakes gels are wild not just in hue, but in their innovative formula. The product starts with a jelly-like consistency and can be applied to your lids, cheeks, or even body. Once it dries down, it leaves a trail of rich, glittering, multidimensional color. We’re partial to Laser Beam, Lightening Bold, Superstar, and Hot Lava. Who are we kidding, though, we’ve already added all of them to our shopping cart!

4. SUVA Beauty HydraFX UV Taffies Palette, $32

SUVA-Beauty-HydraFX-UV-Taffies-PaletteSource: SUVA Beauty

You know how sometimes an eyeshadow looks brilliant in the pan, but once it hits your lid you can’t seem to find the color? That won’t happen with neon Hydra FX Palette from SUVA Beauty. It delivers bold, opaque, smudge-proof goodness every time. It’s meant to be used as a watercolor palette, so you dip a wet brush in and then apply to your lids for a vivid punch. Once dry, it won’t transfer.

5. Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush in Fuego Flush, $22

4-FentyBeauty-Cheeks-Out-FrSource: Fenty Beauty

Don’t leave your cheeks out of the splashy action. Fenty’s dreamy cream blush comes in the most saturated hues. Our fave is Fuego Flush, a juicy tangerine with a hint of shimmer. There’s also Daquiri Dip, a vibrant coral, and Strawberry Dip, a bold coral-y pink.

6. ColourPop Sky High BFF Liquid Liner, $9

5-ColourPop-Sky-High-BFF-Liquid-LinerSource: Colorpop

If you prefer just a touch of showy bright colors, opt for eyeliner. ColourPop’s Sky High BFF Liquid Liner is the prettiest shade of intensely pigmented bold blue. The ultra-fine tip ensures you nail a perfect wing every time.

7. Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette, $20

6-Juvias-Place-The-Zulu-Eyeshadow-PSource: Juvia’s Place

We’ll round out our list with one more eyeshadow palette, this one from Juvia’s Place. It features nine super-rich hues ranging from true red to grassy green to cheery canary yellow. We recommend using a white base underneath to really help the colors pop. NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil All-In-One Eyeshadow Eyeliner Pencil, $6, is a solid go-to.

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Have you ever tried wearing bright makeup? If so, how did it make you feel? And did you get a surge of feel-good energy just from looking at this colorful roundup of makeup? Let’s chat below.

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