This $1 Lip Balm Is A Cult Fave For A Reason!



With dryness lurking around every corner, it’s anything but a winter wonderland for our lips this season… Which is why we’ve got the OG lip-restoring formula on the hotline. Enter: the cult-classic Carmex Original Jar, $1 (cue the applause). These medicated lip balms sell like hotcakes (duh, one dollar?) and are packed with high-quality ingredients to soothe and heal your lips through dry days and beyond.

Why do we restock the powerful lip balm over and over again? The tiny, iconic yellow balms are infused with a Triple Force Formula that protects, soothes, and repairs dry lips from cold or dry weather. Designed to fit snug in your pocket, you’ll soon rely on them (as we have!) to keep your lips supple, come rain or shine.

1. The Cult Classic: Carmex Original Jar, $1

1-Carmex-Original-JarSource: Carmex

All we’re saying is the Carmex Original Jar, $1, is a cult classic for a reason. The iconic medicated lip balm and its Triple Force Formula™ has been around since 1937, protecting lips for generations through dozens of winters. Credit camphor, menthol, and nourishing cocoa butter for working overtime to soothe and nourish any dryness.

2. The Upgrade: Carmex Original Tube, $1

2-Carmex-Original-TubeSource: Carmex

The OG pot received a design upgrade in 1988, and voilà, Carmex released their tried-and-tested formula in squeezable tubes for easier (and mess-free) application. Simply glide across your lips and blot (as you would with your lipstick) a few times for even distribution – no more product on your fingertips!

3. The SPF Savior: Carmex Original Stick, $1

3-Carmex-Original-StickSource: Carmex

Over the years, the beauty industry called for sun-protection errrthang, so we were super excited to see the Carmex Original Stick, $1, drop – reason: SPF 15. While applying two fingers’ worth of sunscreen over your face, neck, and décolletage is the gospel truth, it’s crucial to note that your lips also need extra protection from the sun’s UV rays to prevent any future damage.

4. The Flavored Staples: Carmex Daily Care Minis, $6

4-Carmex-Daily-Care-MinisSource: Carmex

Right when we thought it couldn’t get any better (or smaller), Carmex released their minis collection, which we’re absolutely obsessed with. These tiny, squeezable tubes come in different flavors (Strawberry, Fresh Cherry, Cool Mint, Peach Mango, and Wild Berry) for flavored kisses anywhere you need to take them. Plus, for just $6, you get FIVE lip balms – what a steal.

What’s your go-to lip balm? Let us know in the comments below.

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