How We’re Using Beauty To Change The World


huda kattan

If there’s one thing I value above anything, it’s being able to connect with you guys, and I was so unbelievably happy to get that chance at Beautycon for the first time ever this year. Meeting so many of you and the atmosphere of love I felt was truly overwhelming, and I could never have imagined how powerful this event would be.

Together we connected with the beauty community in ways I’ve never done before. Most importantly, I felt like Beautycon really was the start of something BIG – an opportunity for me to talk about a topic I’m SO passionate about: Making the beauty industry a kinder place, a space that embraces and welcomes everyone. And that’s a conversation I want to continue with all of you.

Huda Kattan at BeautyconSource: Vivien Killilea / Stringer/ Getty Images

When I became a beauty blogger, I wanted it to be my opportunity to share makeup and beauty tips to help other people, and I really had no idea about the pressure of the beauty industry or the scrutiny it imposes. Now, I want to use my platforms to create a place where we lift each other up, support each other, accept and embrace our unique differences, and celebrate them as loudly as we can. After all, with or without the makeup we’re the same person! Makeup is a tool we can use to make us feel a certain way, but beauty is what comes from within, and our confidence in it.

I grew up in the South and I was always the odd one out and it was definitely challenging – I think if I’d had a role model to look up to back then, I would feel really differently about myself.  Now, I’ve embraced all my quirks and everything that makes me different, and I realize this is what we should be celebrating – I’m proud of my ‘weirdness’ and my individuality – and I want everyone else to feel confident embracing theirs.

As a beauty influencer and someone behind a beauty brand, I feel it’s so important to express what beauty really is! Beauty to so many people has been this idea of perfection, and we feel at Huda Beauty now more than ever, beauty is about YOU. This is even something I discussed with my good friend, celeb hairstylist and owner of Ouai Haircare, Jen Atkin, and she agreed, “I think as women we spend so much time in our youth picking ourselves apart or wanting to look like someone else. I think that’s changing and everyone is embracing different forms and types of beauty. It’s not a one size fits all anymore.”

This is exactly what our new campaign is all about embodying:

Beauty is about embracing all of who you are and everything that makes you different. People who stand out, their beauty radiates from them because they’re different and they embrace that. That’s why these people were chosen for this campaign because they embody that power – they just get it. During our shoot for our campaign video, I could feel Mama Cax’s power and confidence in herself flow through me, and that was just so beautiful to me. So, we hope that we’re sending a really bold statement to everyone to really embrace everything that makes them unique. That’s what motivates us!

huda beauty campaign

Our mission is to empower through asking everyone to own and celebrate what makes them who they are. For the longest time, beauty has been a tool of division, and now we want to make it a tool for unity. We want to make sure everyone knows they’re a part of this movement and we want to be the brand to include absolutely everyone.

This is a campaign that is beyond our company, and I feel really strongly, especially because I have a daughter, that I want her to grow up in a world where beauty has changed, where beauty is everyone. As a brand, we’ve always tried to be that example, and I see no reason why we can’t be the ones to change the beauty world together.