The $2 Deodorant That’ll Keep You Dry All Summer Long



Given that we live in an actual desert (hi, Dubai), we know that a “good” deodorant must pass the VERY hot weather test before it wins our stamp of approval. Many have missed the calling, but a handful of gems have been spritzed, scraped, and loved until the very end.

Meet the Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry Antiperspirant & Deodorant for Women, $4. It’s a deo slash antiperspirant that’s kept our underarms fresh through countless sweaty beach trips, gym sessions, and date nights – you name it. We also appreciate that you get two bottles for $4 because it’s a formula we’ll forever stay loyal to. Here’s everything you need to know:

The Hero Deo


1-Lady-Speed-Stick-Invisible-Dry-AntiperspirantSource: Lady Speed Stick

What it is: A flat deo-stick designed with a contoured top and filled with an odor-preventing powder-based formula that’s dispensed with a twist-up mechanism.

What it does: The deodorant delivers 12-hour protection with a subtle, refreshing scent, and helps prevent underarm sweating. Once applied, the formula dries to an invisible finish and stays put until washed off.

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What we liked: It’s giving fresh laundry dipped in white florals… The mix is subtle enough not to overpower your perfumes but cute enough that you don’t mind if that’s your only scent. As for its longevity, two to three swipes offer enough protection against Dubai’s skyrocketing temperatures for about 12 hours. A single bottle lasted us six months with daily wear, which is pretty impressive. And did we mention that it’s more affordable than a pack of gum? Yup, for just $4, you get TWO of these deodorants, which breaks down to $2 a pop – a summer deal for sure.

What we didn’t like: It doesn’t offer 48 hours of protection, as the packaging claims, but that’s fine because we typically rinse our deodorant off after the day’s done and dusted! Her powder-y formula needs a decent scrub and rinse off! It keeps your underarms dry with aluminum, a controversial ingredient, but studies confirm that there’s no conclusive evidence proving that it’s harmful to your body.

The Final Verdict

It’s our fave because it checks off everything we could need from a deodorant – sweat-free underarms, 12-hour wear, and a scent that smells fresh but doesn’t overpower. But mainly, we love how affordable it is!

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