Contour 101: How To Do The Ultimate Cream Contour


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.28.30 PM

Hey my loves! Contouring is the beauty technique that everyone is obsessed with – literally you can completely restructure your face by using shade and light in the right places. (If you don’t believe me, check out how Alexis Stone transforms himself). I wanted to show you guys a super easy way to do cream contour to emphasize your cheekbones and shape your face. Cream contour often looks less obvious than powder contour, so it’s great if you want to opt for a more natural, subtle contour. You don’t need to invest in a cream contour palette, I like to use a liquid concealer to highlight, and then you can use a cream foundation a few shades deeper than your skin tone to contour. I also recommend the NYX Wonder Sticks, $12 – they’re super easy to blend and nicely pigmented, and they have five shade variations to choose from. You can use whatever you like! I really like this technique of applying contour first and blending with foundation. Check out my tutorial below: