Is THIS The Easiest Way To Contour Your Cheekbones?

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#BeautyTok is a community brimming with info – we love seeing beauty addicts and newbies share their top tips, holy-grail products, and sneaky hacks with the rest of the world. #Wholesome. Since we’re constantly tuned in, we found a trick that effortlessly sculpts for chiseled AF cheekbones. You’ll nail this super simple (yet effective) technique in seconds.

The Contour Hack

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The hack: Most (if not all) contouring routines focus on the cheekbones when it comes to product application, but Makeup Artist and TikToker @makeupandmeg takes it up a notch – literally. She sweeps the excess product on her brush from the outer edge of her eye upward towards her hairline to create a subtle, natural facelift that’s *just* right.

With just 8.7K views RN, we have a feeling this hack is gonna take off when more people set their eyes on it!

How to get the look: “Add a little bit of contour powder at the outer corner of your eye toward your temple and right under your cheekbone,” says Meg. She follows her lower lash line with a fluffy brush, like our Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H. Cheek Blush & Glow Brush, $27, and blends her contour into her hairline with sweeping strokes. “When you shade these two areas,” she continues, “it leaves the top of your cheekbones nice and bright, which is going to make it stand out even more.”

The result: Consider your cheekbones elevated, your eyes defined, and your face chiseled in ten seconds flat.

Meg uses contour powder to sculpt, but you could also use a cream contour like our Huda Beauty Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream, $30, for a more natural finish. Use the smaller side of our dual-ended Huda Beauty Tantour Face Contouring Sculpt & Shade Brush, $28, for precise application as you blend any excess.

Our verdict: As far as techniques go, this hack is a winner in our eyes – it’s super easy, uses minimal product, and creates a realistic sculpt that we can get behind.

The question is, are you guys going to try it?

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