FINALLY! A Cordless Hair Straightener That Works


Planning your life around your hair washing schedule can often feel like a never-ending struggle – no one wants to gym on a fresh blow out! And considering washing, drying, and styling your hair can take two hours out of your day; it means a little planning ahead is often necessary.

So, when we heard about the world’s first cordless hair straightening brush that you can use literally anywhere you like, we HAD to try it. Not only does the revolutionary hair straightening brush promise less hair damage and reduced styling time, but as it’s completely cordless, you can stash it in your purse for quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day. That said, we’ve tried a lot of pretty ineffective cordless hair straighteners before, so we were skeptical about whether or not this would work. Here’s what happened when we trialed the Dafni Allure Cordless Straightening Brush, $197.

What it is: A cordless, ceramic-coated brush designed to straighten hair quickly when you’re on the go. The Dafni Allure has four times the surface area of a regular flat iron and will distribute constant heat maintaining the temperature of 185°, which is lower than a typical flat iron, to avoid hair damage.

Dafni allure

What it does: The brush straightens and smooths the hair from root to tip, and as it causes less hair damage, it leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny.

What we liked: The brush itself (just like the original Dafni Classic Hair Straightening Brush, $100) is SO easy to use, and it does undoubtedly cut down styling time. When we first used the cordless hair straightener, we were pleasantly surprised at how sleek and straight our hair was in just 10 minutes. By the time we had worked it through our entire head, we had straight, shiny, and voluminous hair in just 20 minutes – half the time it takes with our trusty GHDs.

We’ll admit, as it doesn’t reach the temperature of a flat-iron, it doesn’t make your hair poker straight, but we love that there’s still body and life left in our mane. Plus, as it only takes two minutes to heat up, you’re not left waiting around.

What we didn’t like: Similar to the results we got with the Dafni Classic hair straightening brush, the final look was sleek but not poker straight. So if you’re looking for a glass-effect finish, the Dafni Allure won’t do that. However, you could save time by prepping with the straightening brush and finishing with straighteners.

If your hair is thick or curly, the bristles can get caught in your hair and tug, which can be pretty uncomfortable, so it’s super important to comb your hair before using the device.

Finally, after testing the brush on thick curly hair, we realized that the battery power is quite temperamental. In total it took over three hours to charge the Dafni Allure for just one 30 minute styling session, so if you have a lot of hair, you may not be able to complete your look in just one session or make sure you’re near a plug in case you need to use it corded.

Our Top Tips for the Dafni Allure:

  • Brush first: Brush your hair thoroughly with a Tangle Teezer before you work the cordless hair straightener through your mane, to help prevent any tugging.
  • Section your hair: Depending on the thickness or curl of your hair, section it before styling. For thick, wavy hair, we divided the hair into three sections and brushed each section before straightening.
  • Go slowly: Rather than brushing your hair quickly many times, take your time. Use slow brush strokes (like you would with a straightener) and the quicker it’ll be to straighten your hair – you’ll also reduce frizz caused by friction.
  • Finish with a serum: After using any heat styling product, we show our locks some love with a serum or styling cream like the Ouai Finishing Cream, $24. It’ll hydrate your hair, help prevent frizz throughout the day, and boost shine.

The Dafni Allure, $197, Vs. The Dafni Classic Hair Straightening Brush, $100

Dafni allure

When we first tried the Dafni Classic Hair Straightening Brush, we really liked it, and we concluded that it was a great option if you want to style or tame your hair in less than 30 minutes and still maintain healthy shine (for more deets read our full review). So, when we tried the Dafni cordless hair straightener we had high hopes, and we actually found that it straightened the hair more efficiently – the bristles are more densely packed, so it took less time to straighten the hair. However, the Dafni Allure is nearly double the price, so it really comes down to whether or not you need a hair straightening tool for on-the-go. So far, the Dafni Allure is the most efficient cordless hair straightener we’ve ever tried.

Our final verdict: This straightening brush is perfect for the glam girl on-the-go – you can straighten and smooth your hair in less than 20 minutes and touch up throughout the day. So regardless of what your day throws at you; from humidity-induced frizz to getting caught in the rain, you can still have perfect hair. With that said, if you want super straight hair, you’re better off sticking with a regular flat iron.

Have you guys ever used a hair straightening brush? Let us know in the comments below.

*As always, this is not a sponsored post.