This New Cover FX Enhancer Drop Is Literally Heaven-Sent!

product review

If unicorns cried, I imagine their tears would be something like the new Holographic Halo shade from Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops collection. As if I didn’t love the current formula and six shade offering of these luminous liquid highlighters and bronzers already, these three magical new shades just took the romance to a whole new level. Holographic makeup is such a huge trend right now, so this heavenly holographic liquid highlighter adds a whole new dimension (no pun intended) to the game.


What it is: Super concentrated highlighting drops made with pearls and oil that give a subtle glow, or they can be easily layered with foundation and powders to achieve goddess-like radiance.

What it does: Unlike a powder, these liquid illuminating drops can be used in so many ways. Add a few drops – or more – to your foundation for the easiest way to get radiant, dewy skin, or using your fingers, you can pat the highlighter onto your cheekbones and the high points of your face. What’s great is you can even apply it on top of your powder because it’s so lightweight and easy to blend. So, you can choose whether to go full glow or just enhance your natural radiance.

What we liked: I love that Cover FX have really mastered highlighter for all skin tones with this collection, and the new additions are the perfect refresh for this year. The Halo shade is basically unicorn tears, and it has such a stunning purplish-blue iridescence that will work beautifully on light and deep skin tones – although I would hesitate to mix this in with a foundation. Obviously, I love the Rose Gold shade, it has a really nice pink undertone that will look especially good on medium to deep skin tones, while the whitish-pink Blossom shade is definitely going to be a great match for fairer complexions.

What we didn’t like: The only thing to watch with this is that the formula can streak a little bit if your face gets wet or you’re sweating, so just be sure to keep an eye on it and reapply if you need to. There are so many stunning colors in this collection, so it’s tempting to buy them all, but I have found that they can dry out quickly. If you can resist hoarding them all, I think it’s better to buy them as you use them and make sure you always keep the bottle tightly sealed.

Price: $42