The Curl Doctor Shares His Must-Have Products And Curl Lessons

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Learning how to love and care for your curls can be a journey, because honestly, they’re pretty high maintenance! From learning what your curl pattern is, finding the best formulas for it, and learning how apply to products and style your hair, it’s no easy feat. Like we said, it’s not easy, which is why we’re introducing you to the Curl Doctor, aka Hollywood’s hottest curl expert and celeb hairstylist. If anyone knows curls, it’s Shai Amiel. So, we asked him for his fave products, plus his curly girl life lessons to make your lives a little bit easier.

The Curl Doctor’s Curly Girl Lessons

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced a curly girl movement (which is long overdue, if you ask us). Curls are finally being seen regularly on the runway, in campaigns, on screens, and we’re SO here for it. Most recently, we’ve seen celebs like Gabrielle Union and Taraji P Henson take out their braids in favor of their natural texture. If you need a little inspo to follow in the same direction, Shai has some helpful pointers.

1. Let Your Curl Find Its Pattern

“Wear your hair natural as much as possible,” says Shai. “If you want your curls to thrive, leave them to dry as they wish. Don’t blow dry it straight and avoid any direct contact of a hot tool to your hair.” Shai also warns against protective hairstylists, which Shai believes despite their name, they do not protect your curl pattern. “Protective hairstyles aren’t really protecting your curls. In order for your curls to thrive, it’s best to let them be natural. Curls are formed at the root and they maintain the shape by letting them coil as they wish.”

2. Be Kind (And Realistic) About Your Curls

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If you’re battling with your curl pattern, Shai insists you have to adjust your expectations. “You can’t expect 1st-day curls on 2nd day and you can’t expect 2nd or 3rd-day curls on freshly washed hair. So plan your week accordingly so you can have the curls you want on any given day. If you don’t love today’s curls, pull them up into a cute bun or an updo. It can be messy or neat. You can also grab a few strands and create a few braids to add to your bun.”

3. Don’t Stress About Frizz


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“Natural curls are beautiful as they are,” Shai says. “If you get a little frizz or a piece that doesn’t go where you want it to, don’t stress. That’s what makes curly hair unique. Each day is different so enjoy the variety of looks you can create based on your curls’ temperament.” For more hairstyling inspiration, check out these cute curl options.

The Curl Doctor’s Fave Products

When it comes to caring for your curls, finding the right products is SO important as you need to ensure your curls are hydrated and nourished. Shai shared his fave hair care line RN, “I’m currently enjoying Innersense products. It’s a certified organic line that tests zero on the ThinkDirty app. I recommend applying all their products to very wet hair because they’re so rich and concentrated.”

Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque, $30

Source: Innersense

According to Shai, “It’s the most intense hydration I use now. It’s very rich and works on all hair types. It can be used on its own or mixed with a lighter conditioner.”

Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner, $30

curl doctor Source: Innersense

Finding a rich, moisturizing conditioner is super important – if your curls are dehydrated, the curl pattern will be less defined and more likely to frizz. Shai says this cream conditioner is his go-to for a regular conditioner but that it can also be used as a treatment as well. There’s also a variety of bottle sizes available, because we all know, curls require a lot of product!

Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner, $26

Source: Innersense

“This is a versatile product,” says Shai. “It can be used to refresh your curls on dry or damp hair. It can also be sprayed to your freshly washed hair as a styling product.”

Innersense I Create Finish, $26

Source: Innersense

“This has been my favorite product to spray on my clients on dry hair after their haircut,” Shai told us. “I cut hair one curl at a time. This cut creates very blunt ends and volume. Most of my regular clients love how their hair looks after their cuts. I flip them upside down and spray from the roots toward the scalp and also run my hands in the same direction. It creates great volume with a little definition. But the best part is it will hold it in place for a while. This is the holy grail for styling fine hair or loose curls.”

Innersense Color Awakening Hair Bath, $28

Source: Innersense

“This works on all hair textures and that’s why I love it. It’s a great cleanser that is easy to wash and it doesn’t build up,” Shai says. He adds that you should “Always apply your cleanser to your scalp and scrub it with your fingertips. You can grab all your hair and pull the shampoo through if you feel it’s needed but you should never treat your hair like your laundry.” As always, Shai reminds us to be careful with our tresses “Don’t rough your cuticle layer too much with your shampoo. Rinse while you’re still scrubbing your scalp until the water runs clear. It’s the same as washing soap off your hands.”

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