We See Why TikTok Is Obsessing Over This Curl Brand


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If TikTok raves over a haircare brand, you best believe it’s about to pop off. Case in point: Curlsmith. With 7.5M TikTok views (and counting), the brand’s quickly catching up to every curl in the world (hi, RiRi) with vegan formulas priced from $25, that have been tried, tested and loved by the curl community and now HairTok!

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The Brand

As editors, our eyes are always glued to social media for any form of beau-tea gossip – it’s our job, okay! Curlsmith popped onto our radars allllll the way back in 2021 when we heard that J. Cole, poured heavy coins into the brand. Fast forward to today, and tons of people have rated their curl-caring formulas a 10/10, so obvs we were super intrigued.

Curlsmith is a haircare brand that considers everything, from hair to scalp, texture to porosity levels, thickness to density. By taking these factors into consideration, they’ve cooked up some superfood-powered formulas that work for every wave, curl, coil, and kink – they understood the assignment, hunny.

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Their story starts like many curl brands: there just weren’t enough options on the market and the options that were there just didn’t cut it! So they began studying the spectrum of hair types and textures with a dual objective: taking the guesswork out of curly haircare and helping everyone achieve curl confidence.

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Their formulas are enriched with hair-happy ingredients that have been passed down for generations; think shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Every bottle is rated by a team of scientists, naturalists, and curl friends, who ensure next-level quality and performance. And in case you wanted to know (curly girl method, anyone?), their formulas are free from silicons, sulfates, and parabens.

We also love that they’ve adopted a #NoPhotoshop policy across their marketing too – they feature real people, hair, and results on the ‘gram. They’re also working on a #GoGreen initiative to make half their packaging recyclable by the end of 2022.

Meet The Curlsmith Goodies:

1. For Wash Day: Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash, $25, and Multi-Tasking Conditioner, $27

1-Curl-Quenching-Conditioning-Wash+Multi-Tasking-ConditionerSource: Curlsmith

The naturally-derived Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash cuts wash days in half with a two-in-one formula that cleanses and conditions. Nourishing avocado, coconut, and sunflower oils smooth for silky soft vibes as shea moisture and Resurrection flower keep water locked in.

We also love the protein-packed Multi-Tasking Conditioner for low porosity hair types or strands that struggle to absorb moisture. The lightweight blend of babassu, jojoba, and castor oils deliver hydration and pack restorative proteins for healthy, bouncy curls in seconds. Plus, it can be used as a rinse-out or a leave-in.

2. For Aftercare: Curl Conditioning Oil-In-Cream, $40, and Curl Defining Styling Soufflé, $40

2-Curl-Conditioning-Oil-In-Cream+Curl-Defining-Styling-SouffléSource: Curlsmith

The Curl Conditioning Oil-In-Cream is a rich leave-in made with moisturizing heroes like shea butter, coconut, olive, and sunflower oils that are bursting with fats and omegas to strengthen and revitalize damaged hair strands. A little goes a long way, so add a dollop and you’re good to go!

Another must-have is the Curl Defining Styling Soufflé. When you work the soufflé into soaking wet hair, it traps moisture, so your ringlets stay bouncy for days. The gel is formulated with Irish moss, which adds definition to your curl pattern, and babassu oil and flax seed extract to keep things nourished and healthy for #GoodHairDays.

3. For Protection: Miracle Shield, $28, and Shine Oil, $30

3-Miracle-Shield+Shine-OilSource: Curlsmith

Heat, UV rays, seawater, and color fading, you’ve met your match! Introducing the Miracle Shield, a milky mist that protects your hair with a Vegan Thermal Shield (that acts like keratin) and an Abyssinian oil-based active for a shiny, silky finish.

It’s no secret that curls need moisture, and that’s what the Shine Oil delivers. Plant silk, watermelon seed oil, and sea buckthorn oil form a SUPER nutritious blend while murumuru butter and babassu oil work overtime to add shine and seal in every drop of hydration.

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