Cute Hand Sanitizers That Look Chic And Smell SO Good


cute hand sanitizers

Who could have guessed six months ago that toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizer would be the hottest commodities of 2020? But here we are: toilet paper on backorder, a collection of adorable face masks to choose from before walking out the door, and a bottle of sanitizer always at-the-ready. If you’re looking for a pretty upgrade the next time you re-stock your sanitizer – which at this rate probably happens on at least a bi-weekly or monthly basis – consider one of the following fun options. FYI, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

1. Hand Hero 75% Alcohol Hand Purifying Gel, $12

cute hand sanitizers

Herbivore’s newest launch is proof that a) hand sanitizers don’t have to be U-G-L-Y and b) you don’t have to feel like you’re dousing yourself with straight-up alcohol every time you apply.  Hand Hero comes in two scents – grapefruit and lavender – and is formulated with 75% alcohol along with soothing aloe vera and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It feels silky going on, dries down quickly, and doesn’t feel sticky or harsh.

2. Milani Rose Hand Sanitizer, $5

cute hand sanitizers

Milani’s quick-dry, spray-on Rose Hand Sanitizer is made with 65% ethanol alcohol, moisturizing glycerin, and smells like a rose garden. Also, it comes in the prettiest pale pink and rose gold packaging. You’ll feel good knowing you’re giving germs, bacteria, and viruses the boot, but also because Milani will donates one unit to The Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles (which empowers homeless and previously homeless women) with every purchase.

3. Touchland Power Mist Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, $12

cute hand sanitizers

While you might assume any brand that’s dedicated solely to selling antibacterial gel is a recent launch, that’s not the case with Touchland. The brand actually debuted in March 2019 – a full year before COVID-19 was even a thing. Their mission was to revolutionize the way we do hand sanitizers, and they’ve succeeded. The square packaging is sleek, the sophisticated spray system deploys a super fine, evenly distributed mist, the formulas are hydrating, and there’s a whole range of scents to choose from, including watermelon, vanilla cinnamon, and forest berry.

4. Milk + Honey Hand Purifier, Nº 08, $6

cute hand sanitizers

This one looks more like a chic bottle of perfume than it does a hand sanitizer, which is exactly why we adore it so much. Also, it does a mighty good job of banishing germs from your hands. It’s made with 80% alcohol along with lavender oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and moisturizing glycerin. You can upgrade to the 4 oz. bottle for $18.

5. Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer, $8 for 5

cute hand sanitizers

Bath & Body Works has long been queen of on-the-go hand sanitizers for years, and that hasn’t changed at all. Their sanitizers are made with 68% alcohol, come in a variety of scents, and honestly give you the most bang for your buck out there. We’re partial to Graphite and Gingham, but you do you.

Want to make your own hand sanitizer? Combine two-parts 99% alcohol (isopropyl or rubbing alcohol) with one-part aloe vera gel. You can also infuse the solution with your preferred essential oil. For good measure, feel free to add a couple pumps of hyaluronic acid serum and then package it all up in a spill-proof container, like this one or this one from Amazon. Just make sure the alcohol content remains at least 60% concentration. Learn more about DIY hand sanitizer from the CDC.