Shhhh! Spilling MORE Tea On Our Huda Beauty Cyber Week Sale

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Spooky season is officially over, which means one thing – it’s Mariah Carey’s time! Alongside the festive feels and countless spiced lattes comes holiday gifting for your loved ones (and yourself #guilty). But don’t panic; we’re giving you the scoop on ALL the holiday savings and OUR biggest Huda Beauty sale of the year… yup, we’re going there – cyber week!

Last year’s Huda Beauty Black Friday sale was pretty legendary – the discounts were literally off the charts. True story: it almost shut down our site, so we’ve got to take a minute to thank you for all the love and support! The questions about this year’s sale have already started trickling in… Are you doing a Huda Beauty sale? Will there be a Huda Beauty Black Friday sale like in the Huda Beauty Black Friday Sale 2021? Will there be a Huda Beauty coupon? Not to mention, is the Huda Beauty Advent calendar on sale too? Or if not, can I get my hands on the Huda Beauty gift sets? Don’t worry; today, we’re spilling the tea, including when the sale goes live…

Huda Beauty Cyber Week Sale 2022

Naturally, we knew we had to do something special for you guys. Contain your squeals… This year, we’re running an up to 80% off site-wide promotion with a different gift with every purchase every day when you spend over $150! The sale goes live on November 18th at midnight PST (12 pm GST). Look forward to getting some absolute steals on KAYALI fragrances, WISHFUL skincare, and your fave Huda Beauty goodies and merch.

Expect to see 80% off on some of our HB faves, including select shades of our limited edition Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes and Lashes, plus 70% off our coveted Melted Shadows and #BOMBBROWS products. If you’re a complexion girlie, don’t fret, we’ve got up to 50% off on our complexion products WISHFUL Skincare. We’ve even included our Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette in the sale at 60% off (form an orderly queue, please)! In short: get yourself ready because this year it’s going to go DOWN.

Some of you guys have also asked us if you could stash your carts in preparation for when the sale goes live, and while we can’t guarantee the products will still be saved in your basket when the sale goes live, there is a chance that they could be.

Thirsty for more intel? Well, as for the special gifts, we’ll be gifting some of our Huda Beauty faves, like our trusty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes, perfect for getting your glam on when rushing between festive dates and holiday parties. We’re also sneaking in some newer goodies – let’s just say things are gonna get icy under the mistletoe this year.

In short: the sale is going to be MAJOR, and the gifting will be EVERYTHING, so get the date – 18th NOVEMBER, Midnight PST – in your calendar and start scrolling to plan your Huda Beauty sale purchases. That’s all we’re spilling right now, stay tuned!