This Highlighting Balm Is What Dewy Skin Dreams Are Made Of


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When it comes to all kinds of glossy highlighting routines, were the captains of team dew. We love dewy cheeks, dewy lips, AND dewy lids cause if your angles arent gleaming like a glazed donut or a plump dumpling straight out of a wok, are you even dew-ing it right?

As proud face-gloss enthusiasts, weve dabbed and dipped our fingers in every balm and cream highlighter you can imagine. But with all dew respect to your current fave, theres one absurdly underrated highlighting balm that should be on your radar and in your makeup stash, stat! Say hello to your cheekbones new bestie: Danessa Myricks Beauty Dew Wet Hydrating and Highlighting Balm, $22.

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What it is: A lightweight true dew balm that makes you look like a glowy, decadent baddie tbh, I even started crushing on myself.

1-Danessa Myricks-Highlighting-BalmSource: Danessa Myricks Beauty

What it does: Its a tap-and-glow face and body highlighter that creates wet, glass-skin-like strobes with just a few dabs of the finger and the versatility of it is just *chefs kiss*. Use it on bare skin to accentuate your natural highlights and high points, apply it over your powder or matte makeup to diminish cakiness, or use it as a glassy topcoat to add a little more boujeeness to your soft glam look.

@kkrystalmarie this @DanessaMyricksBeauty highlighting balm is the perfect highlighter 😍 #makeupreview #highlighter ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

What we liked: First things first, the texture, omg! Its like the perfect medium between a creamy butter and jelly. Its not dense or sticky, and it doesnt dry down or shift your makeup underneath. And on the radiance meter, it EXCELS. If you love a fresh, luminous I just stepped out of yoga glow, this pan provides that, with the bonus of ultra-fine shimmer pigments for the prettiest gleam. But keep in mind that a little *seriously* goes a long way with this beaut, so build your coverage up in soft layers to avoid a greasy finish.

@danessamyricksbeauty Not aggressive, just Dew Wet Balm to give you the prettiest glow you’ve seen ✨ sold @sephora @mikaylanogueira #highlighter #glow #dewwetbalm ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

What we didnt like: Honestly, theres nothing to fault with this formula cause its literal face gloss perfection, but application-wise we did find that it didnt apply as well with a brush as it did with fingers, especially over makeup. So we suggest only using a brush when applying this to bare skin or over a skin tint, like our GloWish Multidew Vegan Skin Tint Foundation, $37, and then use fingers to dab it over a full face beat. This way, youll prevent shifting your pristine layers of makeup underneath.

The shades: Danessa Myricks did eventually expand her shade lineup to include two pink varieties for candy apple cheeks, but were still huge fans of her OG shades, specifically Hot Water a bronze shimmer thats flattering on all skin tones, from fair to rich skin babies. The dreamy sun-kissed glow it creates is honestly to die for, so best believe it’ll be your go-to face accessory this summer.

@danessamyricksbeauty 3 WORDS. DEW WET BALM. #fyp ♬ BORN FOR THIS – Foxxi

Application Tips

1. For a runway-worthy glossy eye: Apply a monotone flush of eyeshadow across your lids then, with your index finger, tap some balm onto the center of your lids and on the outer corner of the eyes, extending this glow to just below the brow bone for a wet and ridiculously stylish smize.

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2. Switch up your lip from day to night: Add some soft glam to your daytime matte lip by dabbing on two coats of the Hot Water bronzy balm for a glitzy glassy finish that will leave your pout looking juicy and full.

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