My Desert Dusk Cosmo Glitter Hacks


Hi my loves!  As you know, I love a statement eye, so when we created our new Desert Dusk Palette I wanted it to be full of bold, playful shades. Every time I open it I see new color combinations and new looks I can create. I’m obsessed with our duo-chrome shades, and of course one of my fav creations for our new eyeshadow palette was our glitter formula, Cosmo. This is literally just pure glitter with a little binder, which makes it super unique, but also a little fragile. And although you can use it completely solo (I just dab it on my lid with my finger), I love using it with a little glitter glue or setting spray and combining it with the shade Celestial, which is this stunning gold pearl formula. Check out my videos below to see how you can simply push your Cosmo glitter back into place if it comes loose, and my fav way of using the Cosmo formula.