FINALLY! A Device That Actually Combats Hair Loss


At Huda Beauty, we’re AAALL about innovative, game-changing products so when we heard about a new device that’s clinically proven to boost hair growth, unlike any product on the market, we bought it STAT. Yup, you read that right, it’s designed to help new hair grow in less than three months, so if thinning, balding, or a receding hairline is a concern for you, this machine is about to become your new BFF. If your head is exploding with questions, don’t worry, we’ve got them covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System…

The Product: iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

irestore growth system

Yes, it looks like a helmet, but that’s a small price to pay considering the results. The FDA-approved device fits onto the head to target areas of hair thinning and balding. The machine combines 51 medical-grade lasers with LED light therapy to boost growth, resulting in fuller thicker hair in under six months. The product was actually developed by a board-certified dermatologist and laser surgeon, Dr. Bodian, to help treat patients with alopecia. Results have shown that there was over 43% increase in hair growth. iRestore is so confident in its product it offers a full refund within a year if you’re unhappy.

How The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Really Works 

The iRestore hair growth device combines the power of LED light therapy and lasers, both of which deliver frequencies to the hair follicles to trigger growth, it also boosts the cell’s metabolism, once again, enhancing the regrowth process. Over a period of time, your weaker hairs will begin to shed and will be replaced with thicker, healthier hair. And don’t sweat, the clinical advisors have confirmed that any hair loss at the initial stage is normal and is part of the repeated hair growth cycle; hair loss followed by growth.

iResotre growth system

Does It Work For Everybody?

The device can be used by both men and women, the only real prerequisite is you cannot be completely bald. The hair follicles must still be active, otherwise, the laser therapy will not work properly. Check out the diagram below to see exactly where the iRestore can help to target areas of hair loss.

Irestore growth system

How To Use The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

For best results, you need to use the device for 25 minutes every other day. The device is accompanied by an LCD controller to help keep track of the time but you can pause and restart if necessary. Simply fit the tool onto your head and begin the timer; there’s no need to part the hair in any particular way but make sure it’s dry. To amp up the process, you can use it alongside other hair growth supplements or ointments. In fact, many physicians believe it to be the most effective course of treatment as the led therapy encourages blood flow, enhancing absorption of other products. You should use the iRestore device for 16 weeks, then once that period is completed, use it as frequently as necessary.

We’re currently in the process of trialing the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System, so we’ll update you with our results after the six-month mark.

Shop it here, $695.

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