Did Korea Just Create The Hottest New Brow Product?


The frenzy for Korean-designed cushion compacts is HUGE right now – they’ve always been a step ahead of the beauty game! There are a ton of new cushion products from brands like Lancome, Givenchy, and Clinique, including creamy blushes, foundations, lip balms, and now, an eyebrow cushion from Laneige. We discovered the Eyebrow Cushion-Cara on Instagram – it’s the first company to bring out a cushion compact for your most defining facial feature – so naturally, we had to give it a go! Of course, over in Korea cushion technology has been around for years; using cotton cushions to distribute product evenly for lightweight, easy application with a sponge. If only we could stamp on our eyebrows as easily as we can with our foundation!

What it is: A cushion compact for your brows that includes two color options with a foldable, double-ended application tool.

What it does: It creates a super-defined brow that’s water and sweat resistant and lasts all day long.

What we liked: The consistency is quite liquid, but it applied smoothly and evenly; it didn’t feather, or blur, or move at all. It was super long-lasting and didn’t budge all day, and I’ve noticed that with some brands, even though they claim to be waterproof, they do tend to move a little bit. The downside to this is it does look a little bit like a tattoo, though it would definitely come in handy if you’re going to the beach!

What we didn’t like: I found the color selection really strange, and two of the palettes had underlying red tones, which wouldn’t suit a lot of skin tones. Although, it’s refreshing to see a change of shades from the brow colors available, as they can tend to be very ashy. And, while it’s useful that the compacts offer two colors that can be mixed, the color combinations were a bit of an odd selection and didn’t really complement each other. Personally, I would prefer a dark color and a lighter color, and not a dark brown and a red-brown.

Ultimately, it’s for the person who likes a very defined, almost tattoo-looking brow, not for someone who wants to achieve a natural-looking brow.

Price: $36

Available: laneige.com