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What Is Dimethicone?

An extremely popular silicone oil, dimethicone does for your skin what great lingerie does for your body – it smooths, conceals and holds everything in place. Whether you want to blur lines, minimize pores, even out skin tone or simply mattify, consider it the secret to real-life Instagram-filter skin.

What Does Dimethicone Do? 

Thanks to its fluid properties, dimethicone improves the texture and feel of skincare products, helping them glide on with ease. And, thanks to its crevice-covering capabilities, it also fills pores and fine lines, creating that smooth, flawless finish you love so much – which is why you’ll also find it in primers, foundations, and concealers. But it’s not just skincare, dimethicone graces everything from hand creams to conditioners – it makes hair easier to detangle and seals in moisture.

Plus, it’s light reflective, so not only will it make you look more radiant, but also improve the color payoff of your cosmetics. Dimethicone is also used to treat dry skin and soothe mild irritations like eczema, creating a protective barrier that helps skin heal faster. 

Who Should Use Dimethicone?

Dimethicone is the answer for those looking for that seriously luxe, pore-blurring finish, or for anyone with oily skin, as it mattifies make-up, leaving you glowing in all the right places.

But if you’re prone to breakouts, beware, because Dimethicone may increase the penetration of potentially pore-clogging ingredients, and exacerbate acne. Although there are no other known side effects, allergic reactions, such as swelling and irritation may occur, so always do a patch test.

How To Use Dimethicone In Your Skincare Routine

Look for dimethicone in primers to create a pore-free, flawless canvas for makeup. BB creams, foundations and other cream-based cosmetics work well too, as do serums and moisturizers. To reap dimethicone’s skin-protectant benefits, use products as instructed.

Our Fave Dimethicone Skincare Products 

Dimethicone Source: The Ordinary

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, $7: If you’re after airbrushed, filter-like skin, this should be front and center in your makeup bag. The dimethicone in this purse-friendly foundation evens out the complexion and blurs flaws into oblivion.

DimethiconeSource: Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer: The Original Smooth & Blur, $36: Minimize the appearance of pesky pores with this gel primer, which smooths skin, giving you a flawless base to build on.

Source: Ole Henrikson

Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Moisturizing Crème, $40: Designed to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin, this insanely nourishing cream moisturizer is packed with everything you need for long-lasting hydration.

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