You Won’t Believe What This Derm Uses To Hydrate Her Skin

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If there’s anyone who can get us to experiment with ingredients, it’s Dr. Shereene Idriss. She’s a board-certified dermatologist, an expert in fillers and lasers, and our go-to skinspert on Instagram. If you check out her videos, we can guarantee you two things: a) you’ll learn SO much b) you’ll be amazed by her all-natural glow. Lucky for us, she recently dropped the deets on how she achieves her signature highlighter free yet hella dewy finish, and we’re super happy to announce that it’s SO budget-friendly…


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Dr. Idriss’ concoction mixes “equal parts of distilled water and rose water” with two tablespoons of pure glycerin, $8, into a mister – she uses Cortas Rose Flower Water, $9, and the Nano Facial Mister, $7.

Rose water is the star ingredient here. The naturally-derived hero ingredient can be used to soothe redness and treat skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. It’s also packed with vitamins A and C to encourage collagen production, while simultaneously protecting your skin from free radicals. It also works overtime to tone the skin, oh, and is ideal for everyone, from dry to oily skin types, as it will amp up your skin’s moisture levels without clogging your pores with rich emollients.

DIY Rosewater at Home

Another major bonus? Rose water is super easy to DIY at home. Simply separate and wash the petals from 3 to 4 roses, before adding them into a pot. Pour enough distilled water to cover the petals and let it simmer for about 30 to 45 minutes on low heat. Once cooled, strain into a spray bottle; et voila, your very own rose water potion! If you love the sound of rose water but CBA to DIY your own, we’ve rounded up some of our fave rose water formulas.

1. Cortas Rose Flower Water, $9 


4-Cortas-Rose-Flower-WaterSource: Cortas

Anyone fond of Middle Eastern cuisine will instantly recognize this cult-classic bottle. The sweet-smelling elixir is a mix of distilled water and pure extracts from plucked edible roses. Although traditionally used to flavor pastries and cakes, it also moonlights as a rose water toner too. Apply a few drops on a cotton pad and gently sweep over your face post-cleanse.

2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, $12

1-Mario-Badescu-Facial-Spray-With-Aloe-Herbs-RosewaterSource: Mario Badescu

This mist is the girl she says she is. Combining nature’s most soothing ingredients like aloe vera, rose, and gardenia, it’s a cult fave for nourishing dry or sensitive skin. Not only does it calm redness and treat your skin to clarifying thyme extracts, but it also leaves you with the most delicious dewy glow.

3. Pacifica Rose Flower Hydro Mist, $20

2-Pacifica-Rose-Flower-Hydro-MistSource: Pacifica

The brains at Pacifica decided to pair rose water and kombucha to hydrate and plump your skin for a radiant glow up. Pop this vegan mist into your tote bag to refresh your complexion on the go.

4. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist, $34

3-Herbivore-Rose-Hibiscus-Hydrating-MistSource: Herbivore

There’s a considerable price hike, but we’ll explain why. This super-fine mist uses one of the buzziest ingredients, hyaluronic acid, to dial-up moisture, and hibiscus flower extracts and antioxidant-rich rose water to soften and soothe your skin from any redness. We love that it comes in recyclable packaging and is vegan and gluten-free.

Now that you’ve found your ‘it’ hydrator, check out why keeping your skin hydrated is so important.

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