Drugstore Product Of The Week: This Luxe, Affordable Hair Care Is The Bomb – Everything Under $9!



Nothing starts our day better than when our hair is well-behaved! The thing is, we all need our hair to do different things: some of us need to add major volume, while some need to tame it, add thickness, repair or control it. That’s why it’s not often that you can find one brand that does it all, and when you do, they usually cost more than you really want to spend on shampoo! So, when we came across the healthy hair care brand HASK, we were pretty damn excited at their insane collection.

TBH, HASK sounded too good to be true… Everything is under $9, free of sulfates and parabens (those buzzwords we’re trained to avoid), and it’s all packed with exotic oils to target literally every kind of hair concern you have. From curl masks and purifying dry shampoos to color-protecting masks, volumizing shampoos and a Haiwaain Sea Salt collection that adds texture, there are 18 different ingredient-based collections to target different hair concerns!

As you can imagine, we were spoiled for choice! So, we enlisted the help of HB HQ to test out their extensive collection, and we were pretty hyped with the results. Not only do they have an extensive range of shampoos and conditioners for each hair type, but depending on your hair’s needs, different collections also include products like dry shampoos, hot oil treatments, hair masks, shine sprays, and curl treatments – yes, all under $9!! Some of our faves are:

For everyone: Hair oils and Hair Masks


These are our fave budget buys. You can easily get three or four uses out of each hair mask ($4), while the hair oils ($6) are perfect for keeping in your bag to tame and protect your strands while you’re on the go (we like to keep one on our desk too!). We found all of the oils really nourishing and frizz-diminishing without being sticky or greasy.

For Greasy Hair: Charcoal with Citrus Oil


Packed with powerful, purifying activated charcoal powder from coconut shells and nourishing citrus oils, we love this refreshing, zingy collection that makes our wash werrrk at least one extra day!

For Thin, Fine Hair: Biotin Boost


Containing Biotin, collagen, and coffee to add volume and lift to the hair, this collection helps hair to appear thicker while boosting and protecting the hair and scalp.

For Curly Hair: Coconut Milk and Organic Honey


This lightweight, hydrating formula address frizz concerns and improves curl definition – and it smells insanely good! We loved the leave-in Coconut Cream Curl Enhancing Lotion, $8, for taming and defining.

For Damaged Hair: Monoi Coconut Oil 


Coconut oil has been our bestie for a long time, and this ultra-nourishing collection packs all the benefits into one insanely amazing smelling collection. We loved the Deep Conditioner, Hot Oil Treatment, Nourishing Shine Oil, and shampoo and conditioner.

For Colored Hair: Argan Oil


Okay, so you already know argan oil is THE official healthy hair, hair oil that’s packed with omega fatty acids and natural antioxidants like vitamin E to take care of your hair. This collection honestly gives us the glossiest, softest hair, and does a great job at taming frizz too!

Wine collection!

unwined by hask

Yes, you read that right! While some of you may like to get your TLC from a glass of wine, your hair can actually do the same now too with HASK’s UNWINED Collection! If you’re wondering how the hell wine is good for your hair, it’s packed with polyphenols, resveratrol, and peptides that help restore strands for healthier hair while antioxidants protect. Whether you prefer, red, white or rose, we’re obsessed with the hair masks and shine sprays that boost shine and hydrate – especially important in the cold weather!

Check out the full collection of HASK hair care here and shop online at Ulta Beauty here. Have you guys tried HASK hair care? Let us know in the comments below which are your fave products, are what you want to try!