This $8 Mascara Just Made Life SO Much Easier


snapscara review

When you find a mascara that’s perfect for you, it kinda feels like you discovered the holy grail! Nothing is more exciting than getting volume and length all in a few swipes, without lumps and clumps. So, when we saw Maybelline had released a new mascara we had to check it out, especially as we’re already such huge fans of their Big Shot mascara.

snapscara review

Their latest addition to the mascara fam is certainly no letdown. The new Maybelline Snapscara, $7.80, comes with a conveniently curved mascara wand, so it hugs every lash with each swipe. Wondering where the name comes from? It’s named due to its unique new formula, which is Maybelline’s first pigmented, wax-free formula, which means it literally comes off in a snap – it really does, you only need to use water. And honestly, we’ve never really worried about how long we have to spend getting rid of our mascara, but after using this, it makes such a big difference at the end of the day!

We love how easily this smooth formula glides on to lashes and builds easily for more drama, all without clumping. The result is defined lashes (they won’t get all stuck together), and great length. We think this mascara works best for people with fuller lashes, as it doesn’t add major volume. If you prefer a fluttery, natural look and a mascara that enhances your lashes without being too intense then you will definitely love this! Another huge plus for us is that this doesn’t flake AT ALL – not a single flake! We hate it when we have little black dots appear under our eyes halfway through the day, and if those flecks don’t smudge when you try to get rid of them they also end up taking off your foundation too!snapscara review

Snapscara is also great if you’re a mascara addict but hate the hassle of removing it, or if you hate when that extra layer you applied clumped so bad and you can’t undo it. Plus, for $7.80, why wouldn’t you try it! Snapscara comes in black, blue, purple, and brown. We love the brown for a slightly more natural look, while the purple makes blue eyes look insane (and it’s not too obviously purple).

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