Unlock Your Power With Our NEW EM(POWER)ED Collection

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Huda Beauty Empowered Palette

Hey my loves! It’s that time of year when I share something really special with you guys; a collection that is extremely sentimental to me and a part of my journey – and honestly, a journey that I feel like a lot of us are going through together. You guys know our big palettes have been a form of self-expression for me. We started with New Nude, feeling good for yourself, Naughty Nude, feeling sexy and allowing yourself to feel confident, and then our Rose Quartz palette, an exploration of self-love and acceptance.

This new palette and collection are about that next step of allowing yourself to embrace every aspect of who you are and unlock that superpower, that potential, that magic that is in every single one of us… and let it break free. The new EM(POWER)ED Collection is here to remind you just how powerful you truly are!

What Empowerment Means To Me

Huda Beauty Empowered Palette

Empowerment is about accepting who you are, your limitless potential, and knowing that you’re capable of anything!

The thing is, when I started my journey in the beauty industry, I never knew it would take me this deep into understanding who I really am. The truth is, we are all born powerful, but sometimes we let other people’s opinions hold us back from realizing our full potential. Whether we listen to it or not, it’s hard not to let it chip away at us, and sometimes, we allow ourselves to be defined by others, and that limits us. I’m here to tell you to free yourself of limiting beliefs, that you’re capable of the unimaginable, and that you can become everything you have ever dreamed.

Beauty is what got me started on this journey, and it’s taken me on a rollercoaster of self-realization over the years. I wanted to create a palette that embodied this energy. So meet our EM(POWER)ED palette, a tool to play with on your journey to being your most powerful YOU.

Empowered palette

The EM(POWER)ED Collection

huda beauty empowered collection

This is a collection to inspire you and remind you that you are strong and powerful every time you use it. The EM(POWER)ED Collection includes our EM(POWER)ED palette – 18 shades inspired by the color of power, gold – a LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara in limited edition gold packaging, and an all-new Face Gloss with gold shimmers. We also recreated our WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour masks with a bold gold empowered statement and put together the ultimate Lip Kit with gold details.

The EM(POWER)ED Eyeshadow palette

Empowered palette

Thrive as your most abundant self with this luxurious line-up of 18 unique, buttery-smooth shades of gold, copper, brown, and neutrals. It is truly the ultimate palette that works for simple daytime looks, soft glam, full beat, gloriously gold, and dramatic eye moments.

From buttery mattes and gel-liner hybrids to foiled chrome metallics and wet-look shimmers, we created new textures for you to play with so your looks can be extra versatile.

EM(POWER)ED Palette Swatches

EM(POWER)ED Palette Swatches

The Textures

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New! 2 x Gel Hybrid Eyeliner Shadows: Super pigmented hybrid eyeshadow creams. Use as eyeshadows, liners, or eyeshadow bases once set.

2 x Creamy Metallics: Mesmerizing, shimmery metallic shadows for a supercharged chromatic glow.

New! 1 x Crushed Flake Metallic: Extra luxurious crushed flake metallic shadow to add serious sparkle to your attitude.

New! 2 x High-Shine Wet Metallics: Innovative, wet metallic eyeshadows for a glossy high shine effect.

2 x Powder Metallics: Soft-shine metallic pearl shadows that build to a foil effect.

9 x Powder Matte Eyeshadows: Intensely pigmented, velvety soft mattes with a suede finish that you can seamlessly build and blend.

What eye look would be complete without lashings of mascara? For this super special collection, I wanted to recreate my all-time fave LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara in limited-edition bold gold.

Empowered Brush Set

Empowered Brush set

We also created a 3-piece eyeshadow brush set with super luxe gold handles and high-quality synthetic fibers to help you guys nail your look (available exclusively on hudabeauty.com). This gorgeous set includes:

EYE | BLENDER Brush: Perfect for picking up and blending matte powder shadows.

EYE | SHADE Brush: Effortlessly builds and diffuses metallic and matte shadows.

EYE | LINE Brush: A tiny angled brush, perfect for using with gel eyeshadows and for intricate, detailed looks.

Empowered Face Gloss Highlighting Dew

Empowered Face Gloss Highlighting Dew

You guys know I live for a highlighter moment, and this has to be my new fave! Our limited-edition Empowered Face Gloss is a multi-use highlighting gloss with a sheer shimmer formula packed with super fine yellow and rose gold pearl flakes for a natural, dewy glow.

Empowered Face Gloss Highlighting Dew

It lit-erally reflects the light for a luminous, glass-like sheen, while the lightweight formula melts into skin without feeling sticky or heavy. The universally flattering shade comes in a gorgeous gold compact with a mirror so you can gloss up on the go.

Empowered Face Gloss Highlighting Dew

Lip Trio Kit

Empowered Lip Trio Kit

You guys know no look is complete without a sexy lip, so we created the ultimate kit with some of my fave shades that I know look divine on all skin tones. Our limited-edition Lip Trio Set features a mini Lip Contour 2.0 in Pinky Brown, a mini Silk Balm in a brand new shade ‘Bold Gold,’ and a full-size Power Bullet Matte Lipstick in our best-selling shade, Interview, which we’ve recreated in an exquisite gold pack. The set comes in our cult fave reusable lip tins finished in gold.