New Product Reveal: Urban Decay Is Dropping The Most Insane Brow Product


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True story, I wanted to create something like this a long time ago, and I’ve been looking for this product for ages! You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered that Urban Decay had made my dreams come true with their awesome new brow product, the Brow Blade.
urban decay brow bladeOne side has the typical wax-like pencil formula with a really precise tip, and the other end has a liquid formula with a super fine tip with an ink stain. It’s by far THE best brow product I’ve used, and I am so excited to share it with you guys.

I love that the Brow Blade gives you the freedom to create any brow style, whether you want super sleek and neat or a little bushy. It’s probably THE best product for creating bushy brows as you can use the Ink Stain tip to create very tiny hair strokes – it’s kinda like microblading in a brow pen.

urban decay brow blade

The 7-shade color range is amazing; there aren’t too many shades to choose between (sometimes too many makes it confusing!), but the shade range is really diverse and goes to both the deep and fair ends of the spectrum – although I think there’s space for one shade deeper. The actual colors themselves are also really flattering – they’re not too ashy or too warm, which is often the case with a lot of brow pencils. I used the shade Brown Sugar for the front of my brows and Brunette Betty for the tale of my brows, which created the perfect ombre effect.

urban decay brow blade

It’s very long-lasting, and although I didn’t find the pencil to be 100% waterproof. I wore it on a trip to Iceland, and it stayed in place even after going in the Blue Lagoon and wearing ski goggles all day; although my brows weren’t completely ‘flawless’ they stayed in place really well – much better than any other products I’ve ever tried. And how often are you going to be doing that kinda thing, anyway?!

My tips: I like to use the pencil to fill in the arch and tale of my brows and any sparse areas. Next, I use the Ink Stain fine liner to create the illusion of tiny hairs and add depth with brow-like strokes on the front and tale of my brow.

urban decay brow blade

Honestly, I was so impressed with this; it’s just so easy to use. I love the design and color, and the only thing I wish they also included is a spoolie! This is great for anyone, whether you want full brows or just need a touch-up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup newbie or a pro either, this is going to make your life so much easier, and your brow-game way better.

The Urban Decay Brow Blade, $26, launches on January 18th. What do you guys think? Are you as excited as I am about this product? And FYI, this is NOT a sponsored review! I came across this brow product and I fell in love!