Expert Tips For Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2023


Huda-Setting yourself for success

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, and truth be told; we’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Getting back to work has been tougher than we anticipated! Plus, there’s the whole new year pressure to do more and be better.

So, if you feel a little frazzled when someone on the group chat asks the whole, “How are your 2023 goals going?” Don’t worry, we’ve gotchu! We got in touch with three incredible experts who spilled the tea on how to double down on your personal, professional, and financial goals this year. Psst, you’re gonna wanna save this post.

How to be the Happiest & Healthiest Version of YOU! 

Chances are, you’ve seen an Instagram quote on the importance of being kind, but did you know that kindness increases your own happiness? According to Kira Jean, Huda Beauty’s in-house success coach, “Research shows that acts of kindness are linked to increased feelings of well-being and happiness.”

Kira recommends, “As you start the new year, busy setting new year resolutions for yourself, take a moment to reach out to someone with an act of kindness. Make helping those in need a priority this year.” In fact, whenever you take a moment to reach out to someone with an act of kindness, science says you inspire them to be kinder, too; you’re practically an #Influencer.

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However, as Kira reminds us, one of the most important people to be kind to, is YOURSELF. She stressed the importance to “stop comparing yourself” to others and instead learn to enjoy your own company. She suggests, “take yourself out on a date once a month.” We heard that! And remember, it doesn’t have to be spenny; you could simply go for a walk, listen to music, and treat yourself to an oat milk latte.

Hungry for more happiness tea? We asked Kira what her top three transformative practices are to live a happier, healthier life, and this is what she said:

1. Journal every morning (write Morning Pages): “This cult-favorite practice made famous by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way, $15, is a transformational practice that improves well-being by encouraging you to reflect, tune in to your own ways of thinking, and become more self-aware. Take a notebook, and every morning spend 10-15 minutes writing in a stream-of-consciousness way across three pages. In other words, write down anything and everything that’s in your mind. Let your mind run wild and free. Afterward, close the notebook and set about your day, resisting the temptation to look back on what you wrote earlier that day. Do this every day, and with time you’ll feel more focused, creative, and at peace.”

2. Practice dolce far niente: “As the Italians say, ‘dolce far niente’ – the sweetness of doing nothing – can greatly improve your well-being. It doesn’t mean being lazy, but rather taking the time to enjoy the life you have and finding pleasure in doing nothing. I’m always telling my clients that space in their life is their greatest ally when it comes to achieving holistic success. So, give yourself permission this year to slow down and find the sweetness in life while you chase that next big goal.”

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3. Engage with your community: “As we look towards a brand new year, make a consistent effort to engage in the community, whether that is an online community, a fitness club, a book club, or a support group. Prioritize engaging with a community that provides you with a sense of belonging and connection.”

After sitting down with Kira, there was a clear theme; help yourself so that you can help others, “Know your strengths and amplify them – use them to help others.”

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance & Harmony

Ever since the pandemic, work-life balance has been a hawt topic, but real talk: it ain’t always easy to achieve. But don’t worry; we sat down with Simon Tomkins, a life coach and speaker who specializes in what he refers to as work-life harmony. Simon shared why it’s so important and how to find it in your daily routine.

Simon begins, “Work-life harmony is about creating balance and fulfillment in work and life.” He explains, “To feel more fulfilled, allow your passion to lead you and work towards causes you care about. In work and your personal life, try to spend as much time as possible doing things that light you UP. When you do this, you’ll feel more fulfilled, energized, and motivated, and you’ll become more successful.”

He continues, “Think about what you actually want, forget about how ‘achievable’ it seems – acknowledge that what you think of as ‘achievable’ is based on the limitations and beliefs that others have imposed on you. The bigger you dare to think, the more you will achieve; facts. So don’t call them dreams; call them goals – goals are achievable.” Now that’s great advice.

So, where do you start? Simon suggests asking yourself one key question, “What do you want more of and want less of in 2023 to allow you to feel more balanced? Whether it’s more exercise, rest, excitement or family time or less working late, stress, being alone – consider what you can do to create the change in your life.”

He continues, “Once you know what you want, work on HOW you will achieve them; break them down into steps; the smaller, the better. Every problem you foresee is a step, a challenge to overcome.” Anyone else feeling hella inspired?

If you’re struggling to map out your vision, Simon has some more helpful tips:

1. Consider who you want to be: “Stop focusing exclusively on what you must do; think about who you need to BE to get the results you seek. Ask yourself, if at the end of the year, you had everything you wanted, how would you be different from who you are now? Then be that person now.”

2. Learn to prioritize what’s important: “Cut out or reduce anything that doesn’t add any value to your life, such as mindless entertainment, gossip, Netflix, social media, meaningless WhatsApp chats, and being in your comfort zone. Do more that adds value: reading, education, courses, travel, meaningful conversations, and being out of your comfort zone.”

3. Take risks and remain positive: “Take risks, look for solutions, think ‘can-do,’ think ‘win-win,’ smile at everyone, practice gratitude constantly, and stop complaining, comparing, or judging. Focus on the things that really matter: your health, close relationships, passions, and contributions to society.”

Expert Tips to Save More Money in 2023 

If you want to save money this year but don’t really know where to start, DW, we were right there with you until we spoke to Bola Sokunbi, Founder/CEO of Clever Girl Finance and author of the Clever Girl Finance Book Series, who literally gave us a bank of ahhhmazing tips.

But time is money, so we’ll let Bola get straight to it; “Achieving a big goal like saving money starts with setting the intention, getting clear on your WHY, and believing that you have what it takes to get it done. It’s important to adjust your mindset to think positively when you set out on a big goal, even if you might not know exactly how you’ll reach it.”

She continues, “Once you are clear on your intentions and your why, it’s time to lay out your goal and then break it down into attainable chunks,” which she so kindly did:

1. Set a clear savings goal and then break it down: “For example, you may have a goal to save $10,000 in 2023. This might sound like a lot of money to save initially, but when you break it down monthly, all you’d need to do is focus on saving $833 a month. Breaking your savings goals down makes it easier to digest and achieve!”

2. Build your savings goal into your budget: “The next step is to build your saving amount into your budget, so you know that each time you get paid, x amount of money is going toward your 2023 savings goal! Having a budget is critical if you have savings goals because it gives you the frequent opportunity to review your spending and expenses and ensure your money is going where you need it to.”

3. Automate your savings: “By automating transfers to your savings account each time you get paid, you don’t have to have mental debates with yourself about whether to spend or save, and your money is less likely to slip away. Studies even confirm that people who automate transfers to savings are more likely to save more money than people who don’t.”

4. Keep an eye on your credit score: “Good credit gives you access to lower interest rates when financing things like a mortgage to buy a home. You also need good credit to rent an apartment, apply for a low-interest credit card, and more.”

5. Look ahead: “Build up or replenish your emergency fund, so you are prepared for the unexpected because life happens. Start by saving $1,000, and then work towards saving 3 to 6 months of your core living expenses, e.g., housing, transportation, food, medicines, and core utilities.”

6. Get creative: “Think about ways to get creative to earn more money that can go towards your savings! Can you ask for a raise at work? Are there things you own but no longer need that you can sell? Can you get a part-time job? Every little bit counts!” To improve your financial habits, check out her website for free courses and worksheets on financial literacy or invest in any of her Clever Girl Finance books – we have three in our carts, RN.

What are your goals for 2023? Let us know in the comments below, or if you’re looking for more wellness advice, check out these self-love habits for a balanced 2023.