Eye Lift In A Bottle! The Eye Serum I Can’t Live Without!

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Eye Lift & Contour

Hey my loves! Today I finally get to introduce you to the product I’ve been secretly trying and testing for over TWO YEARS! Say hey to my absolute bestie, our WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour Serum, AKA my secret to blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery!) that’s helped contour and tighten the skin around my eyes like no other. The formula is designed to do everything you want from an eye cream: it helps brighten dark circles and soften fine lines, tighten and contour the eye area, and depuff.

The Formula:

I just love the way this tightens and instantly makes my eyes look so fresh and awake! The supercharged formula has a lightweight serum texture that effortlessly sinks into the skin without the need to tug the delicate eye skin as you apply. We really wanted this to be a do-it-all formula for everyone, so we infused it with a bakuchiol and peptide blend that de-puffs, sculpts, tightens and brightens dark circles for fresher eyes and plumper skin. It’s also fragrance-free, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and vegan-friendly, too.

Eye lift serum

We added a cooling Zamak tip applicator, which helps depuff and help evenly distribute the formula – I love to keep it in the fridge for extra cooling. I’m also so pleased because we were able to make it with a recyclable and refillable pack, which means the Eye Lift & Contour applicator is yours forever. And, once the product inside is finished, you can recycle the inner cartridge and insert the refill (you get a refill cartridge inside your Eye Lift & Contour Serum pack). The outer pack is also FSC certified and recyclable too.

The Ingredients:


1% Bakuchiol: A gentle, plant-alternative to retinol with rejuvenating properties that help to improve skin’s elasticity and slow the breakdown of collagen thereby helping prevent future skin damage and photoaging. 1% is effective enough to deliver all the benefits while still being suitable for sensitive skin!

Peptides: Helps to stimulate collagen, repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier while firming and lifting to keep it looking plump and hydrated.

Matcha: Rich in antioxidants and packed with caffeine (a vasoconstrictor), Matcha helps dilate blood vessels and improve the appearance of dark circles created by poor circulation and blood pooling in this area.

Arabian Jasmine: Known to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, reduce puffiness, and keep the eye area looking bright.

Eye Lift & Contour

Why I HAD to Create Eye Lift & Contour Serum

I noticed that sometimes I’d wake up with puffiness (especially if I didn’t get enough sleep!), and that the skin around my eyes started to get a little droopy and heavy (probably thanks to kinda rough makeup removal over the years), and it just didn’t look my normal eyelid anymore. Honestly, I considered getting a blepharoplasty! The thing is, the skin around your eyes is actually 10 times thinner than the rest of your skin, making it prone to dryness and loss of elasticity, which is why this area is more prone to wrinkles and sagging, and why you need to be extra gentle with it.

After trying a product shortly after, I noticed it contained an ingredient that instantly tightened the area of my eyes, and I was so shocked. I wanted to create something stronger and safer for the eye area, so I worked with my team to make sure our Eye Lift & Contour Serum would give 360 results for the eye to tackle all the concerns you guys are always asking me about.

My Results: I’ve been using the final product for almost two years now and it’s the first thing I put on every single day and the last thing I put on at night. I apply it onto my upper lid as well as my under-eye area, and I feel like it’s totally restored my eyelids – I feel fresh, and I look awake! It’s also helped me with my dark circles thanks to the caffeine that helps boost circulation.

Eye Lift & Contour

But don’t just take my word for it, we have some super impressive claims:

  • 100% agreed their eye area looked instantly brighter*
  • 92% agreed their eye area looked tighter & less puffy after 10 days*
  • 97% agreed their eye area looked more contoured after 28 days*
  • 99% agreed their eye area appeared youthful after 28 days*

*Based on an independent study on 32 people of all genders, skin types and tones, using Eye Lift & Contour Serum twice daily.

How to Use Eye Lift & Contour Serum

  1. With the applicator, pump a pea-sized amount directly to your eye area.
  2. Gently glide the tip under your eye and up onto your eyelids, all the way up to your brow bone.
  3. Use your ring finger to pat any excess into your skin using gentle tapping motions.

Each WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour Serum applicator comes with a cartridge ready to go inside, plus a refill cartridge. You can also buy refill cartridges by themselves ($21).

How to refill Eye Lift & Contour Serum: Remove the empty tube by twisting it to the left, and then pull out. To insert the refill, remove the cap from the cartridge, insert it into the applicator, and twist it into place.

Our WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour Serum, $45 USD (36 GBP/ 42 EUR/ AED 195), launches on HudaBeauty.com on May 23rd! Be sure to tag @wishfulskin on Instagram and use #RealSelfieSunday – I can’t wait to see all your glowing selfies.