Eyeliner Looks You Need To Recreate This Hot Girl Summer


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Can I have your attention? This is your daily reminder that eyeliner is the G.O.A.T and deserves a spot in your routine. Ok, jokes aside, eyeliner is one of the most versatile makeup products in your kit. Literally, it can transform your look in seconds, whether you’re looking for doe-eyed cuteness, feral girl summer vibes, or you just want to look like a bad bish, in which case, please reference any of Maddy’s (Euphoria, obvs) iconic eyeliner looks.

But truth be told, eyeliner doesn’t have the greatest reputation – ya girl can be described as hard to work with and difficult. And we get it; creating perfectly symmetrical eyeliner is a task that takes a lot of practice, but the real secret is finding the right tool. As eyeliner lovers from day one, we know that. That’s also why we spent years creating the Huda Beauty Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Precision Eyeliner, $19, because it does exactly what it says: it makes doing your liner SO quick and easy.

The custom-made, super fine brush tip provides elite precision as well as maximum control. Plus, the delivery system enables a constant flow of ink, so your liner glides on without skipping or pulling. The tip is so fine you can even create tiny hair-like strokes. Oh, and most importantly, it doesn’t budge; it’s the ultimate summer essential – no panda eyes here.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve curated a mood board of some stunning eyeliner looks for you to save, copy, and slay. There’s literally no better time to experiment with a fun new vibe. Plus, it’s a must for festivals. We’ve also thrown in some helpful tips to take your liner game to the next level. Thank us when the compliments roll in!

Barely There Eyeliner

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Graphic Eyeliner

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PRO TIP #1. Use a sticky note as a guide to get a crisp, straight wing: This trick is great for beginners. Start by placing the sticky note edge along the lower lash line and angle it so that it meets near the tail end of your brow. Use this edge as a guide to create your wing. Wait for the liner to set, then slowly peel away the sticky note.

Eyeliner as Shadow

Floating Eyeliner

PRO TIP #2. Get into position: Hold your mirror slightly below the eye so that when you’re doing your liner, your lashes are down – it makes the process soooo much easier. Rest your elbow on a table to keep a steady hand. #TakeNotes.

Glitter Eyeliner

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Cat Eyeliner

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PRO TIP #3. Draw the Wing First: By beginning at the outermost corner, it’s a lot easier to get the angle right so that it lifts your eye instead of bringing it downwards. Chanel Temple, global MUA for Hourglass Cosmetics, confirms, “I always start with the wing by marking the outermost corner of your eye and drawing a thin line, angled slightly upward.”

Colorful Eyeliner

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PRO TIP #4. DIY Your Own Colorful Liner: If you love experimenting with a colorful liner but don’t want to splash out, you can easily DIY it using micellar water and eyeshadow. Soak a thin brush in micellar water, dip it in your eyeshadow and apply as usual. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Check out how it’s done here.

Lived-In Liner

Grungey Eyeliner

PRO TIP #5. Don’t forget to tightline: Tightlining your waterline (adding pencil to your inner lash line) on your upper lashes is another crucial step to achieving the perfect liner look. It helps create the illusion of thicker lashes and adds drama. Avoid going too far into the corners and apply the liner to the center only, so the liner won’t smudge or run.

Negative Space Eyeliner

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PRO TIP #6. Clean Up Mistakes Later: “If you make a mistake, LET IT DRY,” advises Glamsquad artistic director Kelli J. Bartlett. She continues, “Saturate an angled brush in makeup remover and wipe away whatever you don’t want to see, making sure you clean the brush on a tissue in between strokes.” The one exception to the ‘let it dry’ rule is if you’re using Huda Beauty Life Liner, as once it sets, it’s set!

Smokey Liner

For the pro liner lover, check out our Life Liner Double-Ended Eyeliner, $25. The brush tip is super fine and fun to play with. The double-sided liner also comes with a pencil, which is perfect for the smokey, grungey liner looks that are trending right now.

What’s your fave liner look? Let us know in the comments below.

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