Face Art Is The New Non-Surgical (But Dramatic) Beauty Treatment

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Face art

When we recently sat down with one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the Middle East, Dr. Khan, our interview took an unexpected turn. We began the interview prepped with questions on all the trending procedures, but then he mentioned “Face Art” and we needed to know more. Face Art is an hour-long non-surgical anti-aging procedure and involves using fillers and Botox to enhance your natural face shape for a more youthful, chiseled appearance. Intrigued? Here’re all the juicy details on face art.

What Is Face Art?

“Face Art at The Nova Clinic is an hour-long non-surgical anti-aging procedure. It is a combination of Botox and fillers, adding volume and definition to a person’s face. With Face Art, I look at the face as a canvas, and think of the needle and filler as essentially my paintbrush and paint,” Dr. Khan told us. The cost for this procedure varies from clinic to clinic, but at The Nova Clinic, the treatment costs $400, and this includes a consultation prior to assess if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, said that before you get fillers or botox, “It’s important to start by seeing what you like about yourself. Is it your eye color, the way your hair frames your face, your skin tone, your nose, your chin or any other features? If we only see flaws, then we’ll go from more flawed to less flawed instead of from beautiful to more beautiful!” So essentially, think about which features you want to frame and enhance, rather than the areas you feel you want to change.


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How Does Face Art Work?

It works by putting volume in different places to change overall perspectives, to alter the balance and to create harmony. It works on all face shapes, depending on the desired outcome. Through Face Art, I am able to create an illusion which ultimately makes my patients look more youthful, but with a very natural overall end result.” Dr. Khan explains. As we all know, balance and symmetry can really enhance your appearance – which is why we spend so long on our brows!

Dr. Day explained how she uses “Botox to lift and open the eyes, gently arch the brows, and soften the crow’s feet. It’s also great for softening the lines around the mouth, and when done right along the lip line it can help make the lips look plumper, both at rest and especially with smiling. When done along the jawline and neck it can give a nice lift and smoothening of this area as well. This needs to be done very carefully in order to avoid an uneven smile and should be done only by trained aesthetic physicians. Whereas fillers can be added in areas that are unexpected, like along the jawline or in the chin to give balance to the face. When done well everyone will tell you that you look great, but they won’t know what you’ve done,” which is exactly the goal!


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Where Are The Filler And Botox Inserted?

This really depends on what you’re looking to achieve. For example, if you’re looking for a straighter nose or a more defined chin, this can all be done with Face Art. However, as with everything it’s best to come in for a consultation and I can make my recommendations from there.” Says Dr. Khan. Dr. Day adds “You can, in fact, use fillers in every part of the face to restore and enhance natural proportions. We can add filler into the forehead, temples, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, and around the eyes. The goal is to understand proportions as well as the balance of light and shadow to create a natural, youthful, and lasting effect.”

For more deets on fillers and botox, check out our post 10 things we wish we’d known before we got fillers and the truth about botox. Have you ever had Botox or fillers? Let us know if you’d try Face Art the comments below.