Why You’ll Never Have To Buy Another Makeup Wipe Again


FACE HALORemoving our makeup isn’t the most fun part of our self-care routine, but it is absolutely essential! If you’re tired come 9 pm, you likely rely on makeup wipes or micellar water on cotton pads, and if you’re into skincare you probably start with a cleansing balm or oil before going in with your water-based cleanser. Well if we told you there was a much easier, more effective and cheaper way to get rid of your makeup you’d probably be interested, right?

Say hey to Face Halo, a double-sided cleansing cloth that looks like a giant cotton pad, but just add water, and the cloth will remove ALL your makeup, just like magic. Well, it’s not magic, it’s some pretty clever technology!

The Face Halo works like a dream, it can be reused hundreds of times, and costs $22 for three, which means it’s about to save you A LOT of money. We’re going to quickly break it down for you: A pack of 25 Neutrogena Makeup Wipes costs $6.50, so if you use one every day of the year, that’s around $95 on makeup wipes (plus a lot of waste), and you’re not even removing your makeup properly. If you’re using a cleansing oil, you’re probably spending around $20 (minimum) and you’ll likely use at least three in a year – you do the math!

Not only is it great for your bank account, but it’s also a savior for the environment too! Face Halo calculated that on average, women use two makeup wipes a day, aka 113 billion makeup wipes a year! That means to date, Face Halo has replaced up to 375 million single use wipes from going into landfill – pretty great!

Here’s the breakdown on the Face Halo, how it works, and why it’s now a staple part of our cleansing routine.

How Face Halo works: Face Halo uses special fibers that are 100 times finer than a human hair, which are able to reach deep into pores to remove and trap makeup. All you need to do is add water and gently wipe the Face Halo across your face and it will remove everything, from foundation and liquid lipstick to mascara and eyeliner – it even removed our Huda Beauty Life Liner eyeliner, which is so powerful it doesn’t budge with water and standard soap!

Once you’ve used Face Halo, you should wash it with soap (a bar of soap is super quick and easy), and every week you can chuck it in the machine for a deep clean. It can be machine washed up to 200 times, which means you can use one cloth for a year without needing to repurchase another. Just a reminder you get three in a pack, so you’ll essentially spend $22 on a makeup remover that could last you two to three years – not bad!

What we thought: Until you use the Face Halo, you kind of don’t believe it can work, because how can water and material get rid of makeup? But trust us, those little fibers know what they’re doing! The Face Halo removed our cake face super effectively in the same way our cleansing oil does. It even removes all traces of mascara and eyeliner quickly and more efficiently than most cleansers we’ve used.

However, we did notice (especially as we wear a lot of makeup) that there was still a little makeup residue left over, so we do recommend a second cleanse with a water-based cleanser after you’ve used Face Halo. But considering we always double cleanse – no makeup wipe or cleanser is enough to remove all makeup and grime in one go – that definitely didn’t deter us.

After we used Face Halo and did our extra cleanse, we washed it with a bar of soap, which took us around 20 seconds to get it back to its bright white shade. FYI, it also comes in black, but nothing is more satisfying than seeing what comes off on the white version! It also works really well as a gentle alternative to a muslin cloth for removing mud and clay masks.

The Face Halo is super handy for when you’re gyming or traveling (especially if you have a carry on) as it’s lightweight and easy to use anywhere.

Face Halo Body

We also tried the new Face Halo Body, $22, which we loved for exfoliating our body. On one side it has an exfoliating fabric and on the other side, the classic Face Halo fabric to polish and refine the skin on your body. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a new exfoliator.

What we didn’t like: TBH, there’s nothing to dislike, it’s a good price for what you get and it’s super-efficient at removing ALL makeup. The Face Halo doesn’t have any skincare benefits (other than efficiently removing makeup), which is why we definitely recommend following with a cleanser that suits your skin type, which will be able to target your specific skin concerns.

The verdict: We’ve used our Face Halo every day since we got it. Sometimes it replaces our oil cleanse and other times we use our oil cleanser and then a water-based cleanser and use the Face Halo around our hairline and neck and to get the last traces of mascara from around our eyes. Overall, it’s fair to say we’ll be keeping these in our routine for a long time to come!

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