Facial Massage – How To Tighten And Tone For Sexy Cheekbones


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If you’ve ever wondered why your skin is always glowing after a facial, it’s not just to do with expensive face oils; it’s a massaging technique that literally lifts and awakens your skin. The right movements will boost circulation, drain your lymph glands – aka de-bloat your face – and can lift the contours of your cheekbones. The best bit is it’s super easy to do, and you’ll notice a major difference in your skin and facial shape – it’s like a natural facelift. People who do this on the daily will end up with younger and firmer-looking skin as they age, and are more likely to have healthy, even-toned skin.

It’s not like you have to dedicate hours of your time either; you can work facial massage into your cleansing routine, do it while you’re watching TV, or just putting on your nightly layer of face oil. The whole point of facial massage is it’s easy af, and you can do it for 5 minutes a day or 20; it’s up to you and your schedule. Facial massage is super relaxing and feels so good; you’ll probably end up doing it for a whole episode of Friends anyway.

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So how does facial massage work?

By applying pressure on acupressure points (honestly, it’s not complicated), and by sweeping your fingers across your face in the right directions, you’ll move blood through congested areas, stimulate blood flow, and provide your facial muscles with more oxygen for recovery. Think about it, you have 43 muscles in your face, and you’re always using them – they need some TLC. There are also techniques which help with lymphatic drainage to help depuff your face. By doing sweeping motions in the direction of your lymph drainage points, you can help drain your lymph system of excess fluid. We love to do this before an event, or even in the morning when we’re feeling a bit puffy.


The stimulation can also help with evening skin-tone and scarring, as it encourages your skin to create collagen. Soft effleurage movements (gentle stroking) will help to smooth away fine lines, and by targeting pressure points with firm pressing, you can help to relieve tension headaches and anxiety – it’s pretty magical what a bit of facial stimulation can do!

How to do facial massage:

Start with a cleansed face and use a facial oil that complements your skin (check out our guide to face oils here). The key to facial massage is that your skin should be slippy so that you’re not pulling your skin. We swear by this video by world-renowned celeb makeup artists Lisa Elridge, which demonstrates some seriously easy massage techniques. Try these out, and we promise you’ll be looking forward to massaging your face every day:

Source: Youtube/ @Lisa Eldrige

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