My 5 Favorite Fragrances Of ALL Time


Huda Beauty fragrances

If there’s one thing I never leave the house without, it’s a spritz of perfume. Perfume is the final touch to every outfit, even on those days when I’m wearing no makeup, my hair’s in a topknot and I’m wearing a tank dress, I’ll be wearing perfume. With just one spritz – okay, a dozen – I feel empowered and ready to do whatever’s on my schedule that day. And while my perfume generally changes from day to day, these are the five fragrances I always reach for because they smell so damn good and help me feel my best. It’s crazy how a scent can completely change your mood or bring back memories! Obviously, with fragrance, it’s completely dependent on your personal taste, but these are my all-time fave fragrances.

1. Dior La Colle Noire, $220

Huda Beauty Fragrances

Source: Christian Dior

This is probably the most feminine, girly fragrance on my list. It’s super light and floral and it’s perfect for daytime. Dior’s Creative Director said that it was inspired by spring; “In springtime, the Centifolia rose invades the gardens at La Colle Noire, Christian Dior’s beloved home in Grasse. It’s an extraordinary time when the flower’s fleshy, honeyed and fruity scent lingers in the air. This perfume is an ode to that magical place and to the unique rose that grows in my home.” How romantic? After beautiful notes of rose, it has base notes of white musk and amber, and top notes of wild lily and black currant – I’m obsessed!

2. KAYALI ELIXIR |11, $85

Huda Beauty Fragrances

Okay, I realize I’m a little biased because my team and I created this perfume, but it’s SO good. It’s rich, it’s luxurious, it makes you feel so empowered and incredibly sexy at the same time. All of the KAYALI fragrances were created to be layered (together or with other fragrances), but I like to wear the ELIXIR by itself. When I do combine it with other fragrances, it smells amazing with KAYALI VANILLA | 28! I love how refreshing and romantic ELIXIR | 11 is, it opens with sweet notes of Red Apple and Rose Petal Essence, before revealing a floral heart of Rose Centifolia and sweet Jasmine Sambac.

3. Diptyque Do Son, $175

Huda Beauty Fragrances Source: Dyptique

For me, this is the ultimate summer fragrance, it’s warm, it’s flirty, it’s… EVERRRYTHING! The founder was actually inspired by the summers he spent in Do Son in Along bay as a child, hence the name. The result is this beautiful, delicate scent with floral notes of orange blossom and jasmine and earthy base notes like amber wood. It always makes me feel so confident and at ease. In fact, jasmine is scientifically proven to enhance your mood and make you feel empowered while the woody notes help awaken your sensual chakras.

4. Chanel Beige, $200

Chanel beige Source: Chanel

This fragrance is a classic, after all, Chanel is known for its fragrances. It’s warm and buttery yet floral and youthful. With notes of freesia, honey, and frangipani it’s sweet and feminine. Coco Chanel once said,  “I take refuge in beige because it’s natural,” and I feel like that’s really embodied in this scent, it just makes me feel really natural and at one with myself. I love it!

5. Byredo Gypsy Water, $175

Huda Beauty Fragrances Source: Byredo

I love Byredo, I think it’s such a cool brand and all of their fragrances are so unique, but Gypsy Water has to be my fave! It’s a unisex fragrance so it can be worn by men and women. As you can guess by the name, the fragrance is “an ode to the beauty of Romani culture, its unique customs, intimate beliefs and distinguished way of living,” which inspire a free spirit. Base notes of amber, sandalwood, and vanilla, and middle notes of pine needles and incense evoke that sense of closeness and harmony with nature. Top notes of bergamot, juniper berries, lemon, and pepper, make this rich and refreshing. I definitely think this is one to try in-store first, as it’s definitely divisive – you’ll either love it or hate it!

What’s your favorite fragrance? Let us know in the comments below.