Fenty’s Gloss Bomb Ice Vs Our Icy Silk Balm - My Honest Opinion!



Hi my loves! Over the past week, you guys have been flooding our DMs, comparing Fenty’s new Gloss Bomb Ice Cooling Lip Luminizer, $24, to our Silk Balm Icy Cyro-Plumping Lip Balm, $25, that we released a few months ago. And as soon as I saw it, I immediately saw the resemblance, and so obviously, I had to try it and give you guys my unfiltered opinion. And honestly, with the number of beauty brands out there, I think things happen like this from time to time, and you’ll find similar formulas across multiple brands, but even so, I had to investigate ad try it out. Here’s what happened when I tried them together…

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Gloss Bomb Ice Vs Icy Silk Balm

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Ice Cooling Lip Luminizer, $24: The formula is infused with peppermint to deliver an instant cooling effect to make your lips look fuller while shea butter and vitamin E nourish and soften the lip. It also has an XXL wand for easy application and a universally flattering, shimmer-free hue.

Huda Beauty Silk Balm Icy Cyro-Plumping Lip Balm, $25: Our icy lip plumping formula is enriched with fenugreek extract, soybean, licorice, and hyaluronic acid to smooth and hydrate and, most importantly, plump the lips without that burning sensation. The lightweight, non-sticky balm has a raspberry mint scent and delivers a juicy mirror-like icy shine.

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How they compare: They’re clearly extremely similar products. My initial comparison is that the Fenty packaging is more transparent, and ours is bluer. As for application, the Fenty formula is a little more intense and irritates my lips more; however, it’s not uncomfortable. It also has a kinda chocolatey holiday smell that I love, whereas ours has a more subtle, fruity scent.

My honest thoughts: I think this is just a very weird coincidence that we launched them at the same time! But honestly, they’re both amazing formulas, they feel very similar, and they look similar… Maybe Rihanna and I have some weird telepathy going on!

Have you guys tried either of the formulas? Let me know in the comments below.

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