This KAYALI x Fenty Skin Fragrance Combo Guarantees Compliments 24/7



We love a blind buy success story, and the latest product to join our list of regret-free purchases is Fenty Skin Butta Drop Vanilla Dream Whipped Oil Body Cream with Tropical Oils + Butters, $45. I must point out that I hadnt even seen all the TikTok noise surrounding it until I slathered and *literally* blessed my skin with it. And youre probably thinking, how is this lotion better than the rest? Well, this isnt just any everyday body lotion and dont get me wrong, I appreciate all the ash-banishing creams, butters, and balms Ive frequented in this life, but Butta Drop hits different (figuratively and literally). All you need is one coat from neck to toe, and youll be glistening like a THICC pot of honey that even Pooh would approve of.

The Softest Body Butter: Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream, $42

1-Fenty-Skin-Butta-Drop-Whipped-Oil-Body-Cream-Tropical-OilsSource: Fenty Skin

What is it: It’s a luxe and ultra-rich body cream whipped up with nearly 25% rich buttersand seven skin-loving essential oils and extracts.

What it does: It delivers the most elite glazed-up sheen thats not greasy or sticky. Theres nothing more frustrating than deceiving body lotions that simply add a shiny surface layer over the skin without *actually* sealing any moisture deep within. Butta Drop does none of that! Shes a tried and true gem that not only hydrates but also visibly improves the look and texture of dull and parched skin.

What’s in it: Youll find a blend of luxurious and decadent oils and butters to deliver a good dose of moisture-binding lipids. Kalahari melon, sorrel, baobab, sunflower, rice bran, coconut, and jojoba oils work together to condition skin and add a hyper-glossy but natural glow, while shea and mango butter bring in some antioxidants and help restore the skins moisture barrier overall. And to ensure that all this added moisture is locked and held down, glycerin is also infused in the mix as the formula’s hero humectant.

What we liked: The suppleness it creates is next level! Even my crush uttered suddenly (mid-cuddles), Zee, you have really soft skin!Thanks, RiRi! 😉

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In addition to its smooth and cushiony-soft feel, its silk-like sheen is immaculate. All you need is one daily coating, and that sexy shine will stay put all day. Quickly just envision the chewy dewiness of a fresh dumpling straight out of a wok. Thats legit the type of skin finish it leaves behind. And we cant NOT talk about the scent the most delicious tropical-smelling mash-up of floral and fruity extracts we know you’ll love!

When reality set in that our tub was running out. Ive never repurchased a product so quickly. And the best part? The full-sized tubs are refillable, so you not only help reduce packaging waste but also replenish the viral fave at a slightly discounted cost.

2-Fenty-Skin-Butta-Drop-Vanilla-Dream-Whipped-Oil-Body-CreamSource: Fenty Skin

FYI, Fenty Skin also recently launched Butta Drop Vanilla Dream Whipped Oil Body Cream, $45, a limited-edition spin on the OG formulation. And by the looks of BeautyToks reception of the dreamy pearlescent and vanilla-whipped mix, we foresee it becoming a permanent fixture in their body-care lineup.

The Ultimate Fragrance Combos for Fenty Skin Butta Drop

For a subtle scent that lingers: Spritz some rose water all over your body immediately after stepping out of the shower and lock this moisture in with Butta Drop. First of all, the supple bounce this combo leaves is sublime, and the mixture of rose water with Butta Drops floral and fruity aroma is perfect for low-key downtime days when you want to smell really good without having to waste precious droplets of your boujee perfume.

For your fragrance layering rotation: A beauty trio thats been getting us tons of compliments lately is Butta Drop, topped with our KAYALI Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64, $100, and then Vanilla | 28, $118, in that order. Even our Uber drivers keep asking us for deets on this mix for their wives and loved ones. We 10/10 recommend it.


Speaking of fragrance layering, if you’re looking to elevate your perfume cocktailing skills to pro-level heights, check out (and bookmark) Monas expert guide here. Its one epic read!

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