5 Beauty Organizers Under $30 Every Beauty Lover Needs


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New year, new decor! If you’re anything like us, your passion for makeup can mean that your abundance of beauty products is sometimes a little challenging to stash. So to start the year with our makeup a little better organized, and easier to access (V. important!), we’ve shortlisted the top five beauty organizers under $30 bucks. Each of these chic storage units visibly showcases your beauty goodies to help streamline your routine so you can spend less time digging for your favorite lipstick and more time focusing on your wing!

1. Acrylic Stacking Case

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Source: Wayfair

Product organization is key, and we love this classic style. Assign each drawer to a particular category while stashing lipsticks, nail polishes and tools on the top shelves. The magnifying mirror comes handy for quick touch-ups and precise applications. And just when your hoarding expands to the next level, simply stack a few more pull out drawers on the bottom to grow your tower even higher! Acrylic Stacking Case from Wayfair.com, $27.99.

2. Rotating Caddy

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Source: BedBathandBeyond

This spinning caddy displays your everyday essentials – seriously, it might be small, but its mighty cubbies can hold up to 200 items! Because it spins, no space is wasted, and accessing everything is so much easier! Rotating Caddy at BedBathandBeyond, $29.99.

3. Palette Organizer

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Source: Amazon

We’re always obsessing over pretty palettes, and we love that this display case allows us to admire and choose between our collection easily. The tower can store eight shadow palettes or three blush/bronzer duos within one row, plus it has removable dividers so you can customize the piece to fit all your beauty goodies. Palette Organizer on Amazon, $24.23.

4. Cosmetic Tray

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Source: Houzz

This cosmetics tray features 27 circular holes for lip liners, eyeliners, mascaras, brushes, and glosses while the front slot can pack nail polishes, foundation, and compacts. We never have to worry again about ruining our brush bristles thanks to this handy standing hack! Cosmetic Tray by Houzz.com, $22.71.

5. Train Case

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Source: Amazon

This is super durable and perfect if you love to travel without cutting back on your makeup stash. The unit comes with a spacious bottom, two top trays to lay items flat, and a pop-up mirror. It’s on the bulky side, but it’s a  lifesaver for the pros and beauty junkies that are always on-the-go. Train Case on Amazon, $27.49.