Peep, 7 Gender-Neutral Fragrance Lines To Scroll Thru With The Boo!


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Before we kick things off, let’s get one thing straight – fruity florals and musky tones are for *everyone*. The bottom line is: fragrance has no gender, so why limit yourself to certain notes when you’re shopping for the perf scent for you, your boo, or bestie? Repeat after us: instinct over labels. Whether it’s an intoxicating oud or white florals that are speaking to you, trust your intuition and pick whatever you’re vibing with!

And while ALL scents go beyond gender, these eight brands have made it their priority to ensure their fragrances and IG feeds stay genderless. We guess they know the secret (and now, you do too): the only person who decides who a fragrance is for, is you.

1. Boy Smells

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Why we love them: Boy Smells rattled the world with a ‘genderful’ collection of candles, intimate wear, and fragrances. Their perfumes steer clear from his-or-her tags by mixing traditionally gendered notes to create the most intoxicating scents for all — bonus points for the ahhhmazing visuals that accompany every drop.

Shop the Scent: Tantrum, $98, lifts your spirit with an explosive burst of spicy peppercorn, fresh mint, and sweet bergamot, followed by aromatic cedarwood – 10/10 would recommend for a boujee date night.

2. Non Gender Specific

Why we love them: Sustainably-packaged incredible ingredients without gendered labels? It’s a yes from us. Founded by beauty expert Andrew Glass, Non Gender Specific understood the assignment with its skincare tubs and fragrance bottles that are, you guessed it, non-gender specific.

Shop the Scent: If you’re looking for a fragrance for your boo, gift them with the sweet citrus twist of Flooid, $125. The alluring release of orange, bitter grapefruit, warm amber, and woody patchouli is a sunny ode that dries down to reveal fresh cedarwood with mossy undertones. #Addicted.

3. Le Labo Fragrances

Why we love them: Consider Le Labo Fragrances the slam dunk of the fragrance world – yup, everything from their home creations to their manifesto oozes a chic rustic look that’s oh so cool. Tried-and-tested on New Yorkers (go figure), their ingredients are picked, blended, packed, and engraved with intention. It doesn’t hurt that you can shop each scent as a candle, home diffuser, oil, shower gel, body lotion, even a scented notebook – someone hold us back.

Shop the Scent: We weren’t surprised to find Santal 33, $215, under their Fine Fragrances section because this baby is addictive AF. It bottles the smokey sensuality of an open fire in an elixir that features rich cardamom, buttery-soft iris, light violet, and woody ambrox before calling it quits on leathery notes of musk. It’s no wonder it’s a staple among beauty editors and their boos.

4. Escentric Molecules

Why we love them: If you’re a perfume-head, you’ve probably heard of ISO E Super, the molecule that literally smells like you, heightening your natural pheremones. Escentric Molecules use the aroma molecule in massive proportions to create body cleansers and spritzes that radiate personality and authentic energy. No gender boundaries here.

Shop the Scent: For a musky softness, the Molecule 05, $150, spotlights the woodiness of the pure cashmere molecule. If this feels too subtle, its citrus sister, the Escentric 05, $150, mixes the cashmere note with light bergamot and fresh orange – it’s love at first spritz.

5. Phlur

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Why we love them: Phlur celebrates different personalities by handpicking ingredients for their fab collection of body care, candles, and fragrances. OFC, we approve of their ultra-chic packaged scents, but we’re also double-tapping for their efforts towards saving the environment – $5 from every purchase is donated to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Shop the Scent: You’ll have to be quick to click on the HANAMI Eau de Parfum, $96, because it’s almost always sold out. But once you inhale its creamy white florals, sweet fig, creamy sandalwood, and subtle hazelnut, you’ll get why it’s in SUCH high demand.

6. Juniper Ridge

Why we love them: Female-led and proud, Juniper Ridge extracts ingredients (and inspo!) from the woods. Their sustainably packaged body-care offerings span from incense, essential oils, tea bags, soap bars, and fragrances, and they donate 10% of profits earned to organizations that protect our ecosystem.

Shop the Scent: For a quick getaway from the concrete jungle, swipe the Desert Cedar Solid Perfume, $17, across your wrists and inhale its notes of dusty leather and sun-baked wood. Packed in a tiny box, this blend of wild-harvested essential oils travels easily for an instant forest escapade. 

7. Kiehl’s

Why we love them: With over 170 years in the beauty business, Kiehl’s winning formulas have garnered them cult status across categories from fragrance to skincare. Adored by derms and fragrance lovers alike, their tubs are genderless and fueled with long-lasting ingredients. From perfumes to herbal toners, facial oils, and eye creams, it’s hard to find a product that isn’t 5-star-worthy on their shelves.

Shop the Scent: Notoriously creamy, the Original Musk, $48, is a fresh burst of citrus with bergamot nectar and orange blossom, followed by sweet rose, lily, ylang-ylang, and neroli. It finishes with warm tonka nut, white patchouli, and musk.

If you’d like to cop some divine scents for you and the boo, here are eight gender-neutral fragrances we can’t stop wearing.

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