Get VDay Glamorous!

Valentines Day Huda Beauty

Hey My Loves! I think VDay is one of those days you either totally embrace or ignore!

Personally, I’ve been celebrating Valentine’s Day long before I met Chris, mainly because I loooove pampering myself. Whether it’s indulging in bubble baths, face masks (as my Snapchat fam knows) or any other beautifying treatments – I’m all about taking care of my skin and having a little me time. I’m obsessed with body scrubs and especially anything I can mix within a few seconds from my kitchen cupboard! I’ve been using this scrub for a while now (like 4,5 years atleast!) and I still love how it makes my skin feel super soft. I basically just mix cornmeal and orange juice together – and voila, you’re done! I wouldn’t use it every day, perhaps once or twice a week. Mixing it with orange juice gives you serious brightness because the Vitamin C clarifies your skin and makes it even toned and gorgeous!

1 part cornmeal
1.5 parts orange juice (fresh squeezed if available)

Mix the ingredients together and work into skin in a circular motion. Let sit on skin for a couple minutes before rinsing and follow with your favorite moisturizer! Hope this quick & easy scrub get you VDay ready for Tuesday! Love you!! Xx