Giorgio Armani’s New Lip Collection: Is It as Good as They Say?

product review

Georgio Armani Lip Magnet (not 4x5)-3

If you’re like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to gorgeous lip color ranges, then the all new Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Matte Lip Gloss Collection with 18 shades is sure to get your heart pounding! Are you wondering, what exactly is matte lip gloss?

Well, the formula feels like a gloss when applied, but because it doesn’t need a wet finish to retain a glossy look, it dries matte – making it longer lasting and smudge proof. But wait, it gets better! Exclusively on the Giorgio Armani website, you can even get a personal message (up to 10 characters) engraved on the lid –  how cute is that?!

What it is:A long-lasting matte lip gloss and liquid lip color.

What it does: Once on, Armani’s ‘gradual evaporation phenomenon’ technology dramatically intensifies the color. Let me explain: it’s made with water, oil, and pigments, so that when the water evaporates the oil and pigments fuse together on the lip (like a magnet, hence the name!), for lasting staying power and a formula that feels like there’s nothing there.

Georgio Armani Lip Magnet-1

What we liked: When Armani says weightless, they really mean it… It does feel like air, and although it’s so light, it’s still glossy but not sticky, so you can forget it’s on. I loved the velvety soft applicator, which really makes precision application easy – if the wand was just a little longer, it would be even better! And if you love to experiment with color, then 18 shades of corals, pinks, purples, and reds, will certainly quench your lust for something new.

Georgio Armani Lip Magnet-2

What we didn’t like: After it’s applied, the color intensifies and brightens, so you need to be especially careful if you want a subtle nude tone – I love the 506 shade, but it came out a lot pinker when I put it on. I also wish the color was more opaque because I felt I needed a couple of layers to really get the right color pop. It’s not entirely matte, so if you’re looking for a fully matte finish you might prefer the Armani lipsticks, which I love already. It’s also only 3.9ml, which for the price point seems quite expensive, considering 5ml is standard.

Overall, it’s a nice product and if you do want to try it I would recommend doing so in-store, so you can see how each shade sets.

Price: $38.

Availability: Giorgio Armani Beauty